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Discipline is the key to success

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Essay on Discipline is the key to success

There can’t be two opinions regarding the fact,’ discipline is the key to success’. Discipline means orderly life. Life without discipline is valueless. discipline is the backbone of a nation. People or nations that are disciplined properly in all fields can achieve their destiny very easily. Discipline is a valuable asset. Those family who are without discipline becomes a den of quarrels. An educational institution with no discipline can’t impart education in a proper way.

Discipline is needed in all walks of life. all educational institutions for their progress need discipline. An educational institution in which students, teachers and other staff aren’t disciplined can’t make progress. Discipline needed to every student. A student, who studies well and leads a disciplined life does better in exams. Such a student makes good progress in his life. Discipline is necessary in a family too. In a family, the members of which are undisciplined, is a place of disputes. Families face a lot of problems like poverty, lack of proper education, lack of money etc. In such families, children are illiterate because they don’t get facilities for receiving education in schools. No doubt there are also some families where the members are educated but undisciplined. Such a family is also a den of quarrels. discipline is needed in the Army. In Army, soldiers have to lead extremely disciplined lives. they have to obey their commander. If they disobey, they are punished. Discipline is seen even in the solar system. We know that all planets go around the Sun on a fixed path. If they go off their paths they will collide with one another. Thus we see that discipline is necessary everywhere.
Discipline is most needed for success in life. Discipline is a must required whether we are at school or at home. It is equally necessary in any condition whether we are in the office or on the playground. our life, society, country or even world will go astray without having proper discipline. So some sort of discipline is required everywhere. We observe that there is order in nature. Any disorder in the world of nature leads to chaos.
Discipline has to be learnt at every walk of life. Infancy is the finest period for learning discipline. Parents should teach their infants to be disciplined. Young minds learn things quickly and easily. At school, students should be taught to behave well. They should be told that if they want to succeed, they will have to lead a life of discipline. They should be taught they ought to follow the norms of the school. They should be taught to respect your elders and teachers. besides, they should be taught to follow the rules of games on the playground.
We should keep in mind that indiscipline is a great evil. A man is not different from an animal without discipline. Education and discipline of the things that differentiate human beings from the animals. An undisciplined person remains far from success. For such a person, success is only a sweet or Golden dream.

The life and actions of an undisciplined person become aimless. Both young and old do law list act without discipline. It seems that people seem to have forgotten the value of discipline. In India, a lot of crowd can be seen in buses and trains easily. Most of them travel without tickets by train. Such acts of people show that they have become undisciplined.
In fact discipline is the key to success. replace character. It develops strength and Unity. It creates a sense of cooperation. It makes a person great and successful. It makes a Nation great too. So discipline should be learn by everyone.

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