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Education is influenced by parents and relatives

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Essay on Education is influenced by parents and relatives

Education enhances one’s knowledge and the sayings go; ” Knowledge is power“.Today to sustain in this competitive world with the cut throat competitions the education is one of the important factors in every human being’s life. The parents and the relatives play a significant role to influence there children to take a good education and excel in their life and achieve success and reach the greatest heights. The person who is literate in his family can motivate other members of family.

The country like India which is diverse in every aspect has good literacy rate and the literate people who sustain in this tough competition achieve their goal.The good example is our parents who tell influence to take education as they have more experience. The intention behind parents and relatives sayings is to live good and healthy life with joy and not only studying rather enjoying whatever work is assigned to us.The good example a student pursuing his degree qualification for what reason ? to grab a good job and when the good job opportunities come knock the door if we are eligible and fit in those criterias and when its possible if we have good educational qualifications. 

The relatives,for example elder sister or brother who is guide or role model who guide us in every aspect and also share their good or bad experiences and those mistakes should not be repeated by us. They are the motivators who direct us on right path to reach our destination. The influence or motivation to get education has major impact on our lives and various parameters to excel and enrich our life.They play a key role in this domain enlight our future by motivating to take good education. 

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