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Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world.

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Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world.

There can’t be a single person in the world who can opine that education is not the most powerful weapon. Reality is that education is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon. It is education that differentiate human beings from animals. It is education that makes a person wise and Powerful.
weapons are man made. they can’t be in action themselves. They are used and controlled by human beings. one thing more weapons can’t be used by illiterate and uneducated people in the proper way. Uneducated and untrained people can use only a particular kind of weapons but not in a good way. Only educated and trained people can use weapons wisely and in a proper way.

In modern age, weapons are of many kinds. Modern age is the age of Advanced science and technologies. There have been tremendous inventions in the fields of Science and Technology. Several kinds of weapons have been made. There are very destructive weapons. such weapons can bring destruction to property and lives on a plethora scales. Only educated and only trained people can use such sophisticated weapons wisely and in the proper way. Thus, it is evident that the weapon itself is not powerful but education.
Education is such a weapon that is used not only on the battlefield but also in society. We know that there are evils in our society. To eliminate levels from society and nation artificial weapons aren’t needed. Education is the fittest weapon to eliminate social evils. incidents of thefts, robberies and snatching are to be seen almost everywhere- either villages or cities and towns. besides, there are other several evils too. Only educated persons can spread the message of awareness to remove evils from society or Nation. in this way, we see that education is a powerful weapon to eliminate evils from society and Nation.
Education as a weapon can also be used in the field of science and technology. Scientific and technological instruments are being made at a fast rate in the whole of the world. The USA, some European countries, Japan, China and India have already made very advanced technologies and weapons and are still trying to make more and rarest kinds of more technologies and weapons. It is a group of highly educated persons symbol for making such Technologies and weapons. It is a very small group of educated persons that can use them properly. Thus it is clear that its education is the most powerful weapon.

Education as a most powerful weapon can be used in the field of education too. Education plays a vital role in educating students in educational institutions. Only educated people impart education in schools, colleges and Universities. Some of the students who receive education in educational institutions succeed in becoming engineers, doctors, lecturers etc. and they perform praiseworthy works. There are some who become renowned scientists. We are living in an era of Space Science. Spacecrafts are being sent to space by some developed and developing countries. Astronauts who go to space are the product of educational institutions and they are taught by educated people. Here it is again proved that education acts as a most powerful weapon in this world.
Man made weapons are destructive; they bring destruction. They proved to be harmful for human beings, animals, vegetation and property. On the other hand, education is such a weapon that can never be destructive, it is always constructive. Education is the weapon that makes the life of people easy and comfortable. no artificial weapon can be compared with education.

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