Essay on Climate Change


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Essay on Climate Change

Climate change has become a big problem to our world. Basically, climate change can be explained as, changes in environment due to pollution and over consumption of resources. Due to use of earth, actually over use the conditions have become worst. We are spoiling out mother earth without thinking a little. We have to save this with our own efforts. No one else would come to keep it away from such destruction. We all need to work toward this otherwise the day would come when there will not be any fresh to have breathe in. From now on, we need to work for this. The major reason of climatic change is factories of plastic and oil production.

Where the pollution is made mainly. The whole environment becoming worst day by day we need to save this from the evil forces of the human activities. As there will not be any other planet for us to move to. We can reduce use of plastic. We can reduce the wastage of water resources. We can use the water and other valuable resources mindedly. So we can save it for our future generations. As they will need these things more than us. Or we can just say we can keep the nature for them as well. So our future generations can live on these resources. Otherwise they will not have anything to survive with. The water pollution is a big problem in country like India. Where big population have no access to clean drinking water. It causes big problems later on. Like ailments which can become bigger by the time passing. They will certainly affect the quality of life and health. To prevent the danger of human race destruction we need to become more careful. The use of plastic needs to be banned as it is a major pollutant in the air and water. After it is burnt it leaves the gases behind which cause the resperatory system problems. To the water plastic works as a major pollutant. It makes it undrinkable. It can kill the little animals in the water and on the earth. Infact, in India each year hundreds of cows and bulls die of this problem. We call it plastic in general language it can cause us to become bigger and bigger.

In the future if we could bring new technology. Or let’s say the alternatives of the plastic, we will be able to save out beautiful planet from the  poison around us. Poison in the air, poison in the water. This  poison will one day eat up all of us before we finish it  in a sense. We need to take precautionary action before the time ends we have to save the  mother earth otherwise someone  would take out mother  earth from us  very away from us. Where non of us would be able to take it back. We somehow have to save it from the demons in our society so we can protect the environment for the future generation coming our way. 

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