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Essay on Dowry – A Social Curse

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Essay on Dowry – A Social Curse

The dowry system is one of the social evils. It has been a serious problem for centuries. Almost every family has a girl. So every family has to suffer sooner or later. It is known to us, the tradition and culture of India differ from western tradition and culture. Indian girl is not like a western girl. She is devoid of free will. She can’t choose a husband for herself. Her marriage is like a business. The better the boy is, the higher the price is.
The history of the dowry system is old. The son has a share in the parents’ property. The daughter should also get her share. But we give her presence at the time of her marriage through the dowry. We try to buy a good husband for her. We search for a good and comfortable house to live in. We want to make her life happy through dowry. But dowry has taken an ugly turn.

One of the worst parts of this dowry system is if a girl brings less dowry she is harassed in her in-laws’ family. Sometimes she is burnt too. Many a girl commits suicide. Another worst part of the system is that many honest people become corrupt to earn money to marry their daughters. They take bribes and practice unfair means in business. Taxes are not paid on time.
The dowry system is a great evil in society. The girl’s birth is taken to be very sad news. It is all because of this dowry system. The girl has to be married off. Every parent wishes for a happy married life for his or her daughter. But the better the boy’s family, the higher the dowry. To settle the girls’ marriages is another problem. The girl’s father has to face all kinds of insults. He is asked to spend more and more. He saves praise by praise but finds it difficult to satisfy the bridegroom’s family members. He may have to take loans or sell his property. Such are the sufferings of a girl’s parents. Very often the girl has to suffer a lot of the boy’s demands that are not fulfilled. The girl’s father wants to save his skin but the boy’s father likes to rob him. Sometimes the girl is murdered for the dowry. We should eliminate this evil from the society we live in. We need to Reform our society. our young boys and girls ought to come forward and accept the challenge. Our government should pass new laws to punish those who ask for dowry.

The custom of dowry has crossed the caste barrier and has spread in the whole society. Although there are strict laws against dowry, It is not implemented in the same way as against child marriage is not implemented. The laws should strictly be enforced against the practice of dowry.

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