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Essay on Imagine the world after 100 years


Essay on Imagine the world after 100 years

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In today’s world era, technology is developing at a rapid pace. Every individual depends a lot on technology and electronics. I am seeing a completely different era after a century.

After 100 years, we could imagine a world with great advancements in electronics, communications, fitness, the mentalities of people, etc. Advancement in such fields may lead to great achievements or it may even lead to quite a great loss as well.

Children at a very early age may learn to use electronic gadgets which is good at times but it might be bad sometimes. In coming years, we might make use of everything or renewable energies to make this world a better and Eco-friendly place.

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At present the whole world is changing very quickly and assuming things is a risky business. One should live in the present and should have the least concern about the future.

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