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Essay on Single Use Plastic Ban

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Essay on Single Use Plastic Ban

For the past few years plastic has been one of the important materials used for packing things. Plastic is the most used material for isolation of edible items. It is used in the form of carry bags for transportation purposes. Plastics are used in daily use commodities like chairs, tables, bottles, containers etc. So we can say that plastic plays an important role in our living. It is seen that many times people discharge plastics in open areas. But unfortunately it is seen that plastics take more than hundreds of years to decompose. Until then it releases toxic chemicals in the soil and harms trees. When animals eat the discharged plastics then it gets stuck in their internal organs which leads to their health loss. When the plastics go to water bodies by drainage. It pollutes water and harms water bodies by releasing harmful chemicals. When it is burned then it produces carbon monoxide and sulphur oxide which is the most toxic air pollutant.

Plastics are made up of bi product of petroleum. Once plastic is made then it is a very tough task to decompose it because it is a non biodegradable material. With the passing of time use of plastic materials has increased vigorously. This material is used in tables, chairs, doors, switch boards, kitchen utensils and many households and commercial products. After some time the beauty of these plastic products decreases due to scratches and fading of color. People throw usefulness plastic in open areas, then it takes nearly a hundred years to decompose. Colors and chemicals which are mixed in plastic get released into soil and decrease the fertility of the soil.

Chemicals released in soil kill some beneficial microorganisms. When the crops grown in the polluted soil harms the humans and animals when they are consumed. Many times it is seen that people throw foods in plastic bags which further get consumed by animals and due to this the plastic bags get stuck into their internal digestive organs. Due to this a lot of animals die every year. When it rains heavily in the polluted area then the water gets polluted and it flows with plastic to the water body. This plastic and polluted rain water pollutes water bodies and harms aquatic bodies. This results in an increase in chemical oxygen demand. Chemical oxygen demand is basically a requirement of oxygen in the water body to decompose chemicals which results in death of flora and fauna in the water body.

This results in nature loss and disturbance in various environmental cycles. After all these issues due to plastic, it is a long term deviating ubiquitous issue to ban single use plastic But due to a lot of public and political issues it seems tougher to ban plastic. Many NGOs and organisations are continuously working to ban single use plastic but unfortunately any big result is not seen till now. In many countries single use plastic is banned due to its harmful effects. But unfortunately in India use of single use plastic is done vigorously. People in India are not very much aware about the harmful effects of single use plastic and they ask the plastic products for their convenience. Single use plastic cannot be reduced until awareness among people and cannot be completely avoided until the government bans it.

Single use plastic should be reduced by using its substitutes. Common people should reduce the use of single use plastic by awaring others until it gets completely banned by the government. Government should ban plastic to save the future of the environment. NGOs and organisations should continue their efforts of reducing the use of single use plastic.

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