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Essay on Terrorism

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Essay on Terrorism

Terrorism is a world-wide problem. A terrorist is a person who creates fear and panic among the people to gain own ends. There are are two kinds of terrorism. There is a political  terrorism which seeks to achieve its political ends by creating fear. There is also a criminal terrorism which indulges in kidnapping in order to take huge money by way of  ransomware.
 Political Terrorism is very dangerous. Political terrorists are well organised well trained. The police find it difficult to arrest them easily. The aim of political terrorists is to frightened up people and the government. On the other hand if we talk About criminal terrorist they like to hijack planes and commit robberies. They loot banks and kill eminent persons. They shoot people in order to create panic. They explode bombs and spread rumors. They often change their identity so that the police can’t arrest them.

Terrorist are usually young. There are old persons behind them. The old person’s guide the terrorist activities. Terrorists are misguided people who don’t know what they are really acting for. Sometime terrorists are helped by foreign agencies in order to create disorder inside the country. Terrorists are also supplied with money and arms by foreign agencies.
 India has been facing terrorism for decades. Terrorists activities are to be seen in some parts of India. Kashmir is badly affected by terrorist activities. some youths belonging to Kashmir and belonging to Pakistan have turned into terrorist and they are killing innocent people of Kashmir for a long time. Some of them also go to other parts of the country to blast bombs at public places. some big powers indulging Pakistan have long been helping  terrorist to create disorder in India.
Terrorism is threatening peace and security all over the world. England, USA, Sri Lanka, Latin America countries and India Are badly affected by it. Terrorism is an international problem. We can solve it with the help of the International Corporation. The countries of the world should not allow terrorist activity against another country. Terrorists have no religion and no faith in human values, their only philosophy is bloodshed. we need to fight terrorism both politically and socially. We hope India and the world will come out of this Nightmare in the near future.
On September 11, 2001  the World trade Centre situated in New York was exploded and destroyed by attacking it with Hijacked plane. It resulted in the death of nearly 7000 people. The red alert was sounded to all the US and its embassies and staff to prevent further loss of life and property. Many places in the world have been attacked by terrorists, India is not an exception. India has been facing terrorist activities for a long time. North East parts of India and Kashmir are main places that are badly affected by terrorism. In Kashmir, youths are  misguided even by some political parties. The leaders of some political parties of Kashmir are helped and misguided to disturb India. They are given a lot of money to create disturbance in the country.

Terrorist are misguided person. They are fanatics. They have nothing to do for the good of humanity.  They are known to disregard political boundaries, ethics and  human values for their perverted interests. Some of the terrorists are highly qualified person but they are stone blind in the matter of religion. They have no regard for the people of other religions. They think their own religion is the only true religion and all other religions are no religions at all.

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