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Essay on Veg vs Non-Veg

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Essay on Veg vs Non-Veg

Since it’s a world full of people having different opinions and choices. Some people prefer veg and some people prefer non-veg. The choices of food depend on an individual and their tastes. People who choose veg as their choice are dependent on nature to produce food for them that is in vegetarian foods like green vegetables, rice, wheat, fruits are included. Since green vegetables provide vitamins and proteins veg is preferred because it is good for health and maintains the health of a person and good and healthy life. Whereas in non-veg food items like meat, fish, chicken is included which also provide proteins and fat. It is also good for health.

Advantages of veg food items are that they are fresh and so does not harm our body whereas non-veg sometimes cannot be fresh as we buy from the seller we don’t know from how many days they have kept those meat or fish and are selling! Since consuming green vegetables provides good eyesight, healthy heart, good brain and bones and everything I prefer veg and we are getting food items in veg directly from nature not from killing animals and harming them. Non-veg is also good sometimes for health like fish provides good eyesight but by killing animals and eating them is neither good for them nor our environment.

Since most of the animals provide many useful things to us and the environment it is not worth killing animals for our needs. Animals also feel pain so it’s not good to kill them. So, non-veg should be avoided because day by day it is decreasing the rate of animals in our environment. So, we all should protest against killing animals and eating them. We should protect our wildlife because without natural resources are degrading. So, we should prefer veg instead of non-veg.

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