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Essay on wonder of science in English


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Essay on wonder of science in English

🇮🇳 Essay on wonder of science in English“ This essay written for children and college students of all classes and for various other competitive exams.

The world is developing and the most important is the outcome of science and it plays a major role in development. Everything is possible in this era of science. Now it is becoming the need of people as humans are dependent on science. Science creates an unimaginable life and many wonderful and helpful things. It makes human life advance and easy.

It is the wonder of science that humans are now able to explore in every field like agriculture, space, communication, medical, etc. It is the most important thing to keep the wheel of progress running. It is the science only which makes man develop from the stone age to the modern era, which is full of convenience and luxury. 

There are many inventions of science which uplift the standard of lifestyle and make the daily tasks more easy for humans. The invention of electricity, medical facilities, computer science, transport, vehicle modification and many more help humans to shape their dreams and live a wonderful life having wonders of science in it. 

Electricity helps to run many appliances like coolers, mixers, computers, television, geyser, etc. Without these we can’t even imagine our daily life. As due to the changing weather conditions we have to face extreme summers and winters in which we can’t survive without these scientific inventions so they become a very essential part of our lives. Nowadays vehicles can also be run on electricity which is also eco friendly. The invention of cellphones reduced the communication gap between people all across the world and the internet is like the solution of all the problems as it is the treasure of knowledge .

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Medical science is the saviour of human life as it gives medical facilities and health treatment like diagnosis, ultrasound, surgery,etc. If we go to the field of education, science also plays a very vital role there as it provides smart boards , well equipped labs, laptops, etc. It is only the science which makes it possible to cover miles of distance in a short period of time so we can say that science makes every corner of earth reachable. Science plays a major role in knowing our earth and other planets in the galaxy and space . It gives humans a wider range of thinking and field to develop and explore the things present in our nature and surroundings.

We know that science is very wonderful and we are becoming dependent on it day by day. And as per the popular saying, to get something we have to lose something. Similarly, science is wonderful but it also has a negative impact on the environment and humans. Scientific tools and equipment also create various types of pollution and we are depleting the natural resources which are non-renewable and we may face scarcity of resources in the near future.

Humans are also becoming lazy and going towards total dependency on the devices. The technology also reduces the value of human work and increases unemployment in various sectors as manforce is replaced by machines. 

So it is very necessary to limit the use of machines and equipment and we should use science in a good direction and in the most fruitful manner so that mankind may use the wonder of science in its best way.

The potential of science is limitless but it is very crucial to remember that excess of everything is poison so we must be careful to save our environment. So if used in the best and careful manner science results as a boon for us and we may further move towards a healthy and developed society.

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Essay on wonder of science in English

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