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Essay On World Ozone Day

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Essay On World Ozone Day

So what is Ozone? And why it is so important for us? Why we have a dedicated day for it? As we all know ozone is gas. It is formed when three particles of oxygen joint together. We have a layer of Ozone in our atmosphere. It is situated in stratosphere, in a region also known as the ozone layer between about 10 km and 50 km above the surface.

There are two types of Ozone called good ozone and bad ozone. Ozone which is situated near the ground is harmful for us because it can cause lung diseases such as asthma and the ozone which is situated in stratosphere is good because it saves us from harmful radiations coming from outer space. The Ozone is working as a protective shield above us. We are living on earth, doing our daily activities or you can say we are alive just because of Ozone layer. Ozone layer is protecting us form very dangerous ultra violet (U.V.) radiation from the sun. The layer absorbs and reflects most of the radiation. If ozone layer disappears we all will be disappear. The U.V. radian will directly hit us and will cause many diseases like skin burn, skin cancer, and blindness etc. It will be hazardous for very living being. The layer is also responsible for maintaining the temperature of planet. It decreases impact of green house effect by absorbing the radiations.

Just because of Ozone layer our planet is at constant temperature of 15 degree Celsius. That’s way we need to protect the layer. But who is harming the layer? From whom it needs to be protected? The answer is not so difficult. Actually we, we humans are responsible for it. We are using Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Vehicles and many more things that are producing C.F.C. (Chlorofluorocarbon). This is decreasing the thickness of Ozone layer, and increasing the amount of UV radiation reaching on Earth. Even one molecule of CFC can break over 100000 molecules of Ozone.

We all should try to protect Ozone Layer; otherwise it will be very difficult for us to be protected. If ozone layer disappears, UV radiation will reach us and we will get many hazardous diseases, temperature of Earth will increase, glaciers will start melting, sea level will increase and most part of ground will flooded. Please use Air conditioners, Refrigerator and Petroleum fuel as less as possible. Try using electric vehicles. We all together can save the Ozone Layer, we all together can save out beautiful Earth, and we all together can save ourselves.

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