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Global Warming Essay in English 500 words

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Global Warming Essay in English 500 words
Global Warming Essay in English 500 words

Global Warming Essay in English 500 words

Global warming is the increase in the earth’s average temperature observed since the pre-industrial period due to the release of several greenhouse gases to the atmosphere by human activities that include burning fossil fuels and various agricultural and industrial activities, which increases the levels of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists explain the phenomena of the greenhouse effect as the release of gases that prevent the dissipation of ground heat into space causing global warming.

The gases primarily responsible for global warming include carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), water vapor, nitrous oxide, and methane. In simple words, we can say that Global warming is the phenomenon of a gradual increase in the temperature near the earth’s surface. We often use the term “global warming” and “climate change” interchangeably. 

Both the natural events and human influences are contributing to the rise in average temperatures.  Apart from evolution of the greenhouse gases, a volcanic eruption is also a major natural cause of climate change. Humans aggravate the problem by farming livestock and cutting down trees that absorb these gases. Industries and vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks burn fuel releasing carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from the exhaust, which causes the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere to rise. Another culprit is mining which releases the methane gas trapped below the earth.  Also, rearing cattle contribute to this by releasing methane gas from manure. 

There are several ill-effects of this climate change on earth and mankind. The increased atmospheric heat will likely increase the frequency and intensity of extreme events (such as floods, droughts, extreme rainfalls, heatwaves, storms, etc.) that threaten human health and life. The other concerns are reduced agricultural yields, declining water supplies, and erosion in coastal areas.

Due to global warming, the glaciers are melting which is causing the sea level to rise which is a threat to the low-lying areas and some of the continents may submerge and disappear from the world’s map in the future if this continues. Today, the worst affected countries by global warming are Japan, the Philippines, and Germany. According to a report China is the world’s largest contributing country to CO2 emissions, followed by the United States and India.

Several countries are joining hands together to combat the problem of climate change and many agreements have been signed from time to time, but still, the efforts are not adequate and scientists and environmentalists are warning of the disastrous consequences if these pacts are not fully implemented. A few small steps taken by each individual can make a lot of difference.

These include using CFL bulbs, buying energy-efficient appliances, using solar energy devices, conserving water and electricity, planting trees, etc. We also need to stop open burning dry leaves or burning garbage. It is high time that we humans together with the government should take effective measures to stop global warming. Our generation needs to take steps to protect the earth with immediate effect so that future generations shall not suffer the consequences of global warming.

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Global Warming Essay in English 300 Words

November 07, 2022 by Isha Deep

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Global warming is a major issue that our planet is facing right now, it is the gradual increase in the Earth’s overall atmospheric temperature. It is a grave problem that needs undivided attention. It is rising at an accelerating rate from the past century. This issue needs to be addressed with all our power because it can lead to massive environmental alterations.

We have already started observing frequent droughts, heat waves, storms, shifts in rainfall patterns, increasing sea levels which will lead to loss of coastal areas and disruption of saline water composition.These changes have gradually started destroying the ecosystems we live in and damaging the flora and fauna of various regions. 

The major causes of global warming are increased concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, mainly from human activities such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation, farming livestock etc. Greenhouse gases trap the sun’s radiation, which would have otherwise bounced off the Earth, and radiate it back toward the planet. Due to some of these human activities there is an enormous release of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, water vapour, and synthetic fluorinated gases. 

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The effects of global warming are fatal for mankind. It’s not too late to stop  global warming. We need to make changes both in the tiniest to the  biggest parts of our lifestyle. Changes can start from reducing usage of fossil fuels. This could be done by switching to the use of renewable resources from non-renewable resources and also increasing the use of public transportation over personal transportation and also encouraging the concept of carpool.Planting more trees, it is the most cost- efficient way to tackle global warming.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In fact, we could remove roughly two-thirds of man made carbon just by replantation and reforestation, according to a study published in the journal of Science. Using products that are recyclable can contribute a lot in lowering global warming. When we switch to recyclable products we are reducing the exploitation of more resources like trees,water etc which looks like a very small adjustment but makes a huge difference. 

The present generation must take up the responsibility of stopping global warming in order to prevent the suffering of future generations. Therefore, every little step, no matter how small, carries a lot of weight and is quite significant in stopping global warming. We need support from each and everyone for making global warming stop. We need to create as much awareness as possible in order to incorporate everyone in the mission to save our planet.

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Global Warming Essay in English 500 words

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