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How will you be an asset to Wipro ?


How will you be an asset to Wipro ?

Asset defines to be advantageous or beneficial .So if I have to prove that I am beneficial .I have really some qualities by which I can proff that I am an asset to wipro.It depends on the properties which will proff that one is really advantagious to wipro or not.
I am a hard worker which defines that I can be successors to wipro and the decision taken by wipro to recruit me is not a sign of failure.Secondly I am a smart-worker besides hardworker that means I am capable of using my intelligence in different ways to apply in real life problems.this property of mine differs me from other.I am not a short-tempered.I can keep calm in adverse circumstances and get to the solutions at the end.

We all know that something big can’t be to get without facing some problems which motivates me everytime to proff my ability .I have that positive attributes by which I can be a trouble-solver in any condition.I am not only a good worker but also a team-worker and I have the qualities of being a great leader.I can control the group and can take their 100% for the company.

And it is also my duty to be the best for the company and help the company to develop in the coming future.Being a leader I will always be co-operate to my group members and also shares all their ideas and views and giving priority to the best.These attributes of mine are enough to show I will be an asset to company.

At last I want to say that it depends on every individuals but in case of mine I can give my 100% to wipro for the advancement of the company which can make me a asset to the company.

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