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Nowadays, many young people willing to seek job opportunities abroad and are open to the idea of settling there long term.

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Nowadays, many young people willing to seek job opportunities abroad and are open to the idea of settling there long term.

In your View, what are the reason for this? Would you be happy to move abroad or would you prefer to stay in your home country? Substantiate your response with reasons.

Note: Write a detailed response of around 100 to 400 words for the topic provided. Compose your response in a paragraph format providing relevant facts and logical arguments along with stainable examples.

Sample Answer 1:

It has become a trend these days among young people to settle abroad. And, why not? Given a chance to settle in a developed country with a good pay scale, better medical facilities, squeaky-clean environment, women empowerment, security, higher standards of living, etc. than why not? It has attracted people to settle abroad for a better life. Moreover, Indian immigrants in the past who have made big on the world stage have paved the way for many youngsters. These include Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Sundar Pichai (Google), Padmasree Warrier (Cisco), Shantanu Narayen (Adobe Systems), Kalpana Chawla (Astronaut) and there are many more who have made a name for themselves in their respective fields. All of them were born in India but later moved abroad for their own reasons. 

To achieve one thing in life one has to let go of the other one. It is solely one’s personal choice to prioritise which is more pertinent to them. Let’s throw light on some of the pros of living abroad. Firstly, it is the pay scale that attracts. It gives a financial boost and confidence to one’s abilities. Secondly, it leads to better self-esteem. Settling in a foreign country has its own set of challenges, from understanding the traffic rules to the Laws of the country, administrative work to local shopping. Overcoming these hurdles in a foreign country gives them the confidence to tackle new challenges. Thirdly, it gives a new perspective to life and a chance to understand different cultures worldwide. Fourthly, it improves communication skills and gives a chance to learn new languages. Finally, it is always an advantage to have overseas work experience. It provides better networking for future endeavours. The higher standard of living, security, better health facilities, quality education, etc. are added advantages. 

Moving abroad has its own share of drawbacks. The most important is it distances you from your family. You tend to miss out on special events and celebrations which you would have otherwise attended. Social life comes to a halt. The local delicacies and authentic food are missed. Having said that, it is up to the individual on how he/she handles it. Yearly visits, frequent calls to family and friends, dressing up and attending functions via video calls and travelling back to attend special events makes up to a great extent. A family adventure trip can be planned once a year. It does take a little extra effort, but it is not impossible and definitely worth it. Shifting abroad is very expensive and also requires a lot of paperwork. You need to be prepared with finances and hard work. Finally, self-expression is limited in a foreign language. Spontaneous expressions in your own language can never be replaced. Moving away from an established network of friends can be challenging for children. They will need special care and handling at the same time.

Moving abroad is a big commitment to oneself. It is the individual choice considering all the pros and cons of what is beneficial for them. It depends on what goals you have set for yourself in life and what you are willing to let go of it. It’s a fact that in one’s own country also adjustments are required and sacrifices are made.

So yes, if I get a chance to move abroad if it comes to lifelong improvement it is a good deal!

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Sample Answer 2:

March 06, 2022 by Riya Ratan

In today’s world, settling abroad feels more common than a dream. Young people have the ultimate aim of settling abroad, making money and having a lavish lifestyle there. They are particularly open to shifting to the new culture, city, and lifestyle and wish to settle there for a long time. 

India is still a developing country and is moving to the countries working on Hitech world which has technology, lifestyle and environment way ahead of the world we live in. People are thriving for more changes every day and want to move to a place that is already in a better space.

Abroad has many things to offer. Things that aren’t even considered problems in the world we live in are taken into notice and worked on in different countries. Of course, different countries are very different from our motherland. Their ways of eating, living, working on problems, and everything else feel better than how it is done in our land. Even in the education system, there is more about stepping and practically doing rather than theoretically going through it. Students move abroad for better education, practical knowledge and realise how different it is from their own. 

In my opinion, however fast the world is against us, the home will always be home. I would prefer to be at home than in a world full of strangers. Home is feeling and it brings you close to yourself, and to survive in the world, it is important to be close to yourself. Indeed, home is a feeling we can create in a foreign land too, but our motherland is and will always be home. The exposure we get in other lands is immense. It showcases you with the new world, but it also limits the emotions where you are away from home. 

We have many complaints about how our country works but it is more important to work on those loopholes all together to make it a better place for both us and our future, rather than leaving it behind to move to already established living. 

A country is not what it is, but what you make of it. As a developing country, India needs immense support and trust in itself to make it a better place. And we all together can do it rather than just complaining and leaving it behind. Moving to a comfort zone isn’t what life is but creating one for yourself is.

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