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Pollution in the community and what would you do to control it


Essay on Pollution in the community and what would you do to control it

Pollution is something that is harming and reducing the quality of every natural thing like air, noise, water, soil etc. Pollution can be majorly divided into four classes or categories water pollution, noise pollution, air pollution and soil pollution. The important this is the factors that cause the pollution because we can’t stop pollution until we know about its reasons. Reasons of the pollution also divided into their classwise – like for air pollution cars, Trucks and any other vehicle can be a reason or air can be polluted by mils, factories etc And for water pollution, the uses of chemicals in agriculture may be a reason or bad of arrangement of dirty water may be a reason.

Noise pollution is caused by Big noise of loudspeakers, traffic horn’s sound, parties and even from marriages in harms our ear’s capacity of listening and also irritates other people that are not involved in function or a party and old people of home etc.

Soil pollution is mainly due to the use of chemicals to take advantage of their crop and to grow in big amounts. It also happens due to water pollution. This means that things are connected.

In the end, I just want to say that each kind of pollution is harmful to human’s life. It should be reduced and it is the responsibility of every human being.

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