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Role of media in social development

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Role of media in social development

This essay on “Role of media in social development” is written for class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 college students and for various other competitive exams.

Media is a complementary tool where representations and procedures are either performed or constructed either by the learner or the medium. It is the means of communication between the presenter and the onlooker. It evaluates research on learning with computers, books, television and multimedia. These are further divided into specific fields based on the technical specialities. Technological advances in media have brought it down to the social platforms in the form of apps, simple software and advanced devices. It has given a completely new look to both media organizations and audiences. 

Media can broadly be classified into Print Media, Broadcast Media and the Internet. In recent times a new term New Media has been floating around. The New Media Institute defines new media as “a catchall term used to define all that is related to the internet and the interplay between technology, images and sound.” Examples of new media include websites, social media networks, blogs, Emails, and many more. The media needs to adhere to constant and continuous changes.

Thus it is quite evident that it is almost impossible to sustain without media. Media, in today’s world, plays an extremely critical role in social development among many others. It gives an equal platform to every consumer/customer. It is up to the individual what he wants to derive out of it. Media brings the entire world down to a single gadget. 

Media has been publicly available. A special degree in mass communication is not required to be a part of the media club. Anyone anywhere can make an account and post in it. Social media gives a global platform to exhibit your skills. It is a great way to showcase and monetize your work by making social connections.  It gives you an equal opportunity to learn from your peers. 

Social media is a good source to build relationships. It is possible to connect with friends and family in faraway countries you never planned to visit. Faraway people are no longer far in the true sense. It is possible to do live chats, video calls, post pictures of your vacations and much more. It is a great way to tighten social bonding with near and dear ones. 

Media plays a pivotal role in developing public awareness. This has come quite handy in today’s world. It is easy to spread the word of caution in case of any emergency. Updates on vaccines, new versions of viruses, upcoming seminars and webinars, recent innovations, and a lot more that goes on around the world.

It is a great medium to educate yourself. It is possible to learn new skills and also take up a course in distant universities without actually parting away from your family. It also gives you the option to do it at your convenient time. Needless to say, it is very economical as compared to doing it physically. 

New media in the last decade has come up with innovative ways to grab the public attention. Matrimonial sites, podcasts, OTT, e-books and net banking to name a few. 

The world has shrunk down to a global village where even a small incident in one corner of the world gets viral within minutes. The ease of connectivity has brought together many cultures, politics, trade education, etc. 

Youths are especially influenced by media through advertisements, movies, and songs that make them socially more aware of the things happening around them. They can connect with NGOs and work for society. A floating message of optimism can also give a boost to a cause. 

Celebrities get a chance to be directly connected with their fans and followers. And on the other hand, the public gets to know their role models closely and gets inspiration from them. 

Media is a boon if it is used sensibly. At the same time, it is a bane if used in an unethical manner. The cybercrimes rates have increased in almost every country. Students get distracted. The option to view and comment on others’ posts has led to disrespectful comments. Constructive criticism is missing. If these few points are taken care of, media can be a great boon in the social development of society.

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