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Roots of Corruption in India


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Essay on Roots of Corruption in India

Essay on Roots of Corruption in India Sample 1

Corruption is long term deviating ubiquitous issue of India. Corruption means an activity that is performed dishonestly. Corruption is something that can not be avoided by society but it can be reduced by some resultant and suitable steps which can be taken by the government and common people of India. Corruption is not only there in government bodies but it is also in common people in day to day life.

Corruption is one of the most serious issues of any country. According to the corruption perception index released by World Bank India is ranked 78th with 41 marks on which we have to think about it. Corruption involves unwanted activities like scams, robbery, murder, rape etc. The corruption started from the government by doing a lot of scams in various projects launched by the government, as it starts from the government and runs endlessly everywhere. Nobody cares to avoid any unwanted activity before their benefits. Corruption is the most dangerous weapon which destroys the country by making its economy and law and orders disabled. Corruption is done for long or short term profit. Corruption is increasing day by day because the parents of corruptions are there in the government and are involved in doing unwanted activities. Corruption is also increasing because of urban Naxals and their fundings to terrorists and other anti-nationalist bodies. Corruption is increasing with more speed as compared to urban Naxals and political terrorists. Corruption in India is also increasing due to the neighbour countries like Pakistan and China. These countries provide funding to the terrorists and anti-national agencies to harm the economy, fame and peace of a country. Corruption level also increases because the person who gets the job is doing work to get money from common people. Corruption can only be reduced by making strict rules by the government and behaving strictly before the person who is involved in corruption. One more reason for increasing corruption is the moral value provided by urban Naxals in schools and colleges.

Corruption should be reduced to make the economy of India stable. It can be reduced by making strict rules like paying a lot of fines or imprisonment until death or both.

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Essay on Roots of Corruption in India Sample 2

January 5, 2022 by Amish Rai

Our country is a land of problems. It has been facing a number of problems since independence. One of the most serious problems is corruption. Corruption has spread its claws from top to bottom. There is inefficiency,  dishonesty, unemployment, poverty, bribery everywhere.

Inefficiency  is one of the roots of corruption. Inefficient people scarcely get jobs or employment. The result is that such persons try to earn money by corrupt or unfair means. Unemployment is also the root of corruption. There is unemployment not only in rural areas but also in urban areas. The people who do not get jobs get involved in corruption. Millions of people in our country are unemployed. So, there is no need to bring change in the present educational system so that people may get employment. Poverty is another cause of corruption.

People in large numbers are poor. Millions of people in India live below the poverty line. Due to poverty, they can’t even satisfy their basic needs. They can’t have two square meals a day. They can’t send their children to school to provide proper education. Due to these conditions, they are forced to adopt unfair means for earning money. These habits of their gives rise to corruption. efforts should be made to give jobs to  poor people. dishonesty is also one of the causes of corruption. In the modern age, most of the people are dishonest in India. They want to earn a lot of money at any cost. They wish to grow Rich by leaps and bounds. For this, they cheat innocent people, relatives and friends.

There are reports in daily newspapers that prove this fact. A friend loots his friend. A relative doesn’t hesitate from cheating his own relatives. A business partner deceives his business partner. The end of such people is to earn money. They don’t even think of fair and unfair means. Such persons are responsible for corruption in India. Overpopulation, bribery and rising prices are serious problems. As it is well known that India is the most populated country after China. Its population is growing very fast. all people depend on the resources available in our country. Resources, as we know, are limited. Naturally, the growth of population will cause disputes and corruption. Bribery is also a root of corruption. Officials don’t do any work without receiving bribes. Many of them, after being caught red handed, are punished by the laws and sent to prison. Even political leaders are not untouched by it. 

Think worthy question is how to eliminate corruption from this society. A few steps can be suggested to eliminate rules of  corruption. People should be made morally good. There is a great fall of moral values in society. People should be taught to lead moral lives. If the people don’t give importance to moral values, the country won’t progress. The government should take some drastic steps to check the increasing population.

Poor people should be helped socially and economically until they become economically sound. If they become economically sound, they will be able to confront their day-to-day problems. Efforts should be made to give jobs to everyone. Professional and vocational education should be encouraged. Professional education will provide more and more chances for jobs and employment. The government should take wise and immediate steps to check price rise. Due to the price rise, common people find it difficult to purchase even essential commodities.

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