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Should boys and girls be in separate classes

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Should boys and girls be in separate classes

Should boys and girls be in separate classes? What do you think about? 

Everyone will answer this differently. Your answer would be based on how you are grown up, who thought you and how your childhood was spent. Let’s see was physiology says- according to psychological studies when students were in separate classes they were more focused and more concerned about their studies. And when they (Boys and Girls) were in same classes instead of being fully focused on studies their mind was diverting towards opposite gender. It’s not their fault; hormonal changes in teenager’s body force them to do that. 

There are many schools all over the country there are separate classroom even separate building for girls and boys. Students of these schools are intelligent but they are also very shy. They don’t want to communicate, they want to talk to anyone, and they don’t have friendship and team management skills. 

By not separating, promotes friendship among boys and girls. It develops communication and working together skills in them. It develops more interaction and teamwork in them, which good for their carrier. In today’s world, every field requires both male and female candidates and they have to work together. It is not the time when girls were unsafe and not allowed to go out. We live in a modern Era, where everyone has equal rights; anyone can do anything he/she wants. There are no gender boundations.  

So, I think the answer of the question should be “No”. Girls are Boys can study and they should study in the same classroom for their proper development.

But still it depends on individual students. Everyone has a different mindset and everyone react to situations differently. So it is too difficult to declare the correct answer on the topic.

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