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What is the Role of Judiciary in India essay?

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What is the Role of Judiciary in India essay?

The judiciary is an essential part of any democratic country. The judiciary is a sovereign department not attached to the administration or legislature. It has full freedom to exercise its judicial powers without any direct interference from the government. India, being the largest democracy in the world, comprises a robust judiciary system with the Supreme Court at the apex. The States have High Courts, or sometimes two or more States have a common High Court. below them are District Courts and then lower courts below them. 

The judiciary plays a pivotal role in the Indian Constitution, one of them being making new laws. Judiciary has the power to make decisions based on these laws in case of any dispute. Not only this, it has the power to create new laws and overrule policies that are not as per our constitution. This non-interfering action allows the judiciary to ensure that there is no misuse of authority by any segment of the government. The judiciary reviews the lawfulness of any decisions and actions of government representatives and prevents violation of the law.

The judiciary has become of more importance than ever because of the rising injustice against the citizens. Sometimes, people say that our country is run not by the political representatives and government authorities but by the Judges, especially those of the Supreme Court. Some of the main roles played by our judicial system are illustrated below:

  1. It safeguards the fundamental rights and interests of the people, and any violation of these rights is acted upon seriously by the judicial system
  2. It makes new laws and ensures to punish anyone violating these laws under various sections of the constitution. 
  3. It also administers and appoints officers.
  4. It ensures legal protection for every citizen of this nation. Every citizen is being treated fairly and equally justice under the law. 
  5. Laws are constituted by the legislature, executed by the executive, and applied by the judiciary. 
  6. Legal decisions about every single case are taken by corresponding judges of courts.
  7. Not only individual disputes, but the judiciary also resolves inter-state disputes and comes up with an agreeable resolution to end such conflicts in an unbiased manner.
  8. The judiciary also gives amicable resolutions of issues arising between the center and the state.
  9. Enquiry commissions headed by expert panels of judges and senior lawmakers are usually formed in cases of dispute resolutions.
  10. The power of judicial review is so strong in our country that neither the Legislatures nor the Executive can ride rough over the fundamental rights of the people of India.  

The best part of the Indian Judicial System is that any citizen of India can approach the judiciary if he feels any infringement of his fundamental rights. be it property disputes, disputes of succession, marriage and divorce issues, higher-level interstate cases, the judiciary is the legal umbrella of the nation.

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