1 thought on “You are a project manager and for some technical reasons, the project is getting delayed. Write an email to your customer Mr. Gill Roy, explaining the reason for the delay in work. Please use the below mentioned phrases and keep the word count to 70 or below. Hint: Payment processing system , Schedule , 10th May (Friday) , Unexpected power outage , 3 days , Overall delay , 7 days , includes recovery of lost work , will not recur”

  1. Hello Mr. Gill

    Iโ€™m XYZ, a project manager. I felt the need to compose this mail to make you aware of the delay in the project. It is because of the technical issues in some of the gadgets necessary for this project. The technical fault occurred continuously due to an unexpected power outage for three days. And the main issues were found in the payment processing system. Since this project was scheduled to complete on 10th May(Friday), there will be an overall delay of 7 days. It includes recovery of lost work and completion of pending work.
    I hope this situation will not recur.



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