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You just finish your favourite author book today, Write a letter to your most favourite author appreciating his/her book. Hint:favourite, author, appreciate

John’s Villa

Firayalal Chowk

Delhi, India

1st June 2021

Queen Mall

Park Avenue

New York

Subject – Loved your newly published book

Dear Jordana,

I hope you are doing fine. I wanted to congratulate you on the complete publishing of the trilogy of your book “Walk Away” and being able to make it to bestsellers within a month. It would be wrong if I don’t mention how much I loved the book.

I bought the third part of the trilogy this weekend and could not help but read it in one night. The book kept me close to it and I had to let go of all other works to read it. I loved how you decided to have an open ending for the characters to allow us to portray with our imaginations.

You have always been my favoritefavourite author but this book has made the expectations higher than before and I would wait for the next book series to be published

With best Wishes

Yours Sincerely

Madhvesh Sharma

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