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Email Writing Class 7

  1. You are Keshav and you are planning for a holiday in Goa with family for the new year. You found out the best rated hotel in Goa. Write an email to the hotel manager asking to book a room for you and your family for 5 days. Give all the necessary details like the check in and check out dates and timings, list of members with their names and ages, etc. Please use the below mentioned outline keywords in your answer and limit the content to 70 to 100 words. Hint:New year Holiday, Goa trip with family, Advance booking
  2. You are Reena Modi. Trisha is your best friend. Write an email to Trisha at sharing your feelings about how lucky you are to have her as your best friend and the pros of good friendship. Please use the below phrases to frame the content. Hint: best friend, happy life, supporting, well wisher, lucky, ever lasting friendship, more like family
  3. You work for a construction company. You think the company need a new employee,Write an email to your manager,Mr.Jones,telling him why you think your company need to hire someone
  4. You work for a company that recently finished an important project. You and your co-worker had to work hard and you think your team deserves a great party. Write an email to your boss, Mr. Nelson, giving three reasons why he should organize a party for your entire team.
  5. You are Swapna and you are a student. You have newly joined a college for your graduation. Write an email to your friend about the new college, its rules and timings. Please use the below mentioned outline keywords in your answer and limit the content to 70 to 100 words. Hint:Eagerly, St. Mary’s College, Strict rules, Timings, Course details
  6. You are Satish and you own a vehicle. You took a policy on your vehicle from an insurance company recently. Write a letter to the manager of the insurance company asking to issue a policy letter on vehicle expense reimbursement. Please use the below phrases and limit the content between 70 to 100 words. Hint:essential that , personnel drives company and personal vehicles in connection , company , maintain , record , expenses incurred , reimbursed , expenditures that , your good , record keeping , possible , Receipts , submit , purchases , expenses and repairs , require record , the amount of time spent driving , your cooperation
  7. Compose email message on the following theme. You are “Deepa”. Compose an email to your friend Jaya reviving her about the science day in your school and asking her to mail you the pictures she had collected for the science project. Hint:Pictures, science day, capture, teachers, prizes distribution, speech, appreciation, again, best, experience
  8. As Sales Manager, Rising Sim Company, Chawri Bazar, Delhi, write to Perfect Paper Mills, Periyar (Tamilnadu) reminding them of the delay in the execution of your order.
  9. Commando of National Defence academy Pune Seeking permission for your class visit to NDA, Write an email for same.Hint:join, immediately, manager
  10. Draft an e-mail using the below outlines with a minimum of 80 words and maximum 120 words to be posted to your friend who met with an accident and fractured his leg. Ask about his welfare and wish for his speedy recovery. Hint:Shocking, Doctor advice, take rest, accident, wish, speedy, recovery, medicine
  11. Customer has given laptop for service company failed to return within customer’s deadline requesting customer to wait for 3 more days Hint:Apologies and requesting
  12. You have been hospitalized for over two weeks and you need to inform your boss about the delay in discharge from the hospital. Write an email to your boss, Mr. K Singh informing him about the same and request to increase the sick leave. Hint:sick time, pay,
  13. You have lost your ATM card of ICICI bank and you realised it very late. Write a request email to the customer service of ICICI bank to resolve the problem and reissue a new ATM card. Hint:Request, please, quick, lost, urgent, steps, inform, deal, reissue, procedure, other, long, facing
  14. You work for a construction company. You think the company needs a employee. Write a email to your manager Mr. Jones telling him why you think why you think your company needs to hire someone you’re reasons must come the following 3 themes. 1) too much work 2) expert needed 3)missed business opportunities
  15. It is kite season in your area. Write an email to a friend who lives in another city inviting him /her to fly kites with you Hint:1 Why people fly kites in this season. 2 How you propose to fly kites with your friend. 3 Whatthe kite flying scene is all around. 4 How much fun it would be.
  16. Imagine that you are Sheethika. Your brother Rajeev is not at home and his friend Sandeep calls up to inform that their local cricket match has been postponed. Since you are going out, write a message 50-60 words for your brother informing him about his friend’s communication. Hint:communication, local cricket match, postponed
  17. You are a resident of Tamil Nadu. The municipal corporation has decided to break some of the temples near your area for construction work. Write an email to the collector to save the golden gifts temples of Tamil Nadu by our ancestors. Hint:Temples, save, property, gifts, understand, importance, back, dignity, country, realize, moral, wrong, admire
  18. Write a mail to your sister wishing her all the best for her intermediate board exams, guide her and motivate her to achieve her targets and pass with flying colors. Hint:Boards, aim, topper, good percentage, tensed, relax, hard work, time management, all the best
  19. Write an email to the contractor to shift the outside material inside the building due to the material will be damage for a stay in a long time outside the area.
  20. Write an email to the editor of the newspaper about the article on plastic pollution published in the latest edition. Hint:article, plastic pollution, published
  21. You visited dentist yesterday after much resistance and delay, write an e-mail to your friend describing the experience. Sign the email as Sania. Hint:Terrible toothache – bad tooth should have been pulled long ago, cavity formation, pain, care, irresistible, medicines, check-up, regular, brush twice, warm water
  22. A new family has moved into your neighbourhood. Write an Email to your friend about how you first met was with that family. Hint:Neighbor, Friends, Family, New house, nice
  23. To your friend describing the winter season in a hill station you visited. You have recently visited a hill station during winter vacation. Write your experience to your friend. You are Manu/Manavi.
  24. The sanitary conditions of your locality are in a bad shape. Write an e-mail to the sanitary inspector based on the hints given below:
    Hints: sanitary, conditions, toilets, waterborne diseases, unhygienic
  25. Write an e-mail to the Principal of your school requesting him to give you one week’s leave as your grandmother expired last night
  26. Write an email to your friend about interesting class that you had.
  27. You received an email from your friend, Oscar who is interested to buy some gems.(pew)
    Hi, My mother’s birthday is almost here. I am thinking of getting a gemstone for her birthday. Which jewellery shop should I go to and how do I choose a gemstone jewellery for her. Could you come along and help? I will be waiting eagerly for your reply.
    Now, write an email to your friend in about 80 words. Write your answer below.
  28. You have recently joined a band at school. Write an email to a friend about the band. In your email, you should: describe the other people in the band say why you have enjoyed playing in the band so far explain what plans the band has for the future.
  29. An email to your friend inviting him to attend the marriage ceremony of your elder sister
  30. Write an e-mail to the editor of The Indian Express in about 100 words on the issue of the indiscriminate cutting of trees.
  31. Email about a message to a friend asking for information about a new computer game
  32. What do CC and BCC mean when writing an email? Write an email explaining about both to your all friends.
  33. Write email to all your existing and new customers about new offering on furnishings. Mention about the special discount for existing customers.
    Hint:Special discount, all furnishings
  34. Write a formal email requesting your elder brother to buy a mobile.
  35. Write an email describing the celebration of Holi
  36. Write an email to your office for five days off.
  37. You, Ravi are the HR head of a new start up. You need to visit one of your high net worth client since there is a delay in the ongoing project. Write an email to your CEO Sudha asking her whether she will be attending the meeting. Hint:escalation , delay in project , emergency , client visit , team leader , 8th Jan 2018 , out of office , 1 billon dollar
  38. Your College / University has won the best Project award by AAA Association USA. Write a complimentary email with minimum 80 words and a maximum of 150 words, using the following phrases to all team members on the success of this project.
    Hint:The current engineering education system, congratulation, team, work, thanks
  39. Your college has won the best project award by AAA Association write a complimentary email using the fallowing phrases to all member on success of project
  40. You recently published an article which got a very good response from the readers. You have received praising emails from a lot of them. Write an email thanking the readers for such great response. Sign at Sam. Hint:Thank you , your letter , the author , response. , hearing from him , near future , I am pleased that , article informative , continue to read , any comments or questions , please do not hesitate to write , We value our readership , a member , subscribers
  41. You have recently attended a job interview in ABC company. Write an email to Mr. Jagdeesh, HR Head of ABC company expressing your gratitude for interviewing you and share your experience. Please use the below mentioned phrases while writing the mail. Sign the email as Anita. Hint:Thank you , time and consideration -extended , interview with you yesterday , opportunity , my experience , my future , goals , hearing from you , wish to thank , courtesy