Capgemini email writing test for experienced

  1. You are Mr. Naman and you recently bought a laptop from Smart Appliance Company. Write an email to Mr. Arun, the manager of Smart Appliance Company, explaining the poor quality of service offered to you in the city. Please use the below phrases and write the email in about 100 words only. Hint:very few , service centers , complaints , pending problems , maintenance , cost , time , delivery , increase , customer satisfaction
  2. Last month, you took part in the heritage walk conducted in your city. You came to know about many heritage sites or buildings which are not commonly known to all. Moreover you had a chance meeting with the U.N Secretory general. Write an email to share your experience with a friend staying abroad.
  3. Write an Email to Bill Gates for raising a fund of 1 Billion Dollar for construction of a scientific block in your college
  4. You are Mr. Chopra and you recently bought a car from Smart Automotive Company. Write an email to Mr. Ahmed, the manager of Smart Automotive Company, explaining the poor quality of vehicle service offered to you in the city.
    Hint:very few , service centers , complaints , pending problems , maintenance , cost , time , delivery , increase , customer satisfaction
  5. You are Mr. Kannan, Principal of ABC school. Your school annual day function is commencing soon and you decided to invite Mr. Ashok, environmentalist as a chief guest speaker to the function. Write an email to Mr. Ashok inviting him for your school event and requesting to deliver a speech on cleanliness and greenery. Please use the below phrases while building the content of the email. Hint:valuable words, cleanliness, clean and green, amazing work, motivate and inspire, healthy, young minds
  6. You work for a construction company. You think the company need a new employee,Write an email to your manager,Mr.Jones,telling him why you think your company need to hire someone
  7. You work for a company that recently finished an important project. You and your co-worker had to work hard and you think your team deserves a great party. Write an email to your boss, Mr. Nelson, giving three reasons why he should organize a party for your entire team.
  8. You are Ramesh, the security in charge at Global sum Private Limited. You have witnessed a number of issues in maintaining records in paper files. Write an email to your manager Mr Aman Chatterjee requesting to issue cards for all the employees and visitors so that a proper record keeping can be done. Hint:Issue, cards, visitors, guests, record keeping, security, purposes, return, back, leaving, resolve, easy, time-taking, less reliable
  9. You are Prashant and you are a team lead. Your team failed to deliver a project in time as the team is affected with Cholera. Write an email to the client explaining him about the testing team’s situation and apologizing for the delay in project delivery. Use the below phrases to frame the content. Hint:inform , delay , submission , Account Payable project , due to , team , cholera , uncertain , assure , request, bear with , your loss
  10. You are Swapna and you are a student. You have newly joined a college for your graduation. Write an email to your friend about the new college, its rules and timings. Please use the below mentioned outline keywords in your answer and limit the content to 70 to 100 words. Hint:Eagerly, St. Mary’s College, Strict rules, Timings, Course details
  11. You are Sid and you are working in a company. You got to know that your boss is planning to invest heavily in a new project which will definitely land in failures as the competitor is already having a similar project. Write an email to your boss explaining the future of the project he is going to take up and suggest him to stop this as soon as possible. Hint:Learnt that boss is taking up a new project , planned for investment of millions of dollars in it , unfortunately plan will not work , competitor has similar project , this project was a failure , no demand in the market , hence should stop this idea immediately
  12. You are the Customer Service Officer at The Staples. Your customer had placed a bulk order for 100 Ruled Notebooks, 200 Gel Pens and 250 Box Files, of which only 50 Ruled Notebooks, 100 Ball Point Pens instead of the Gel Pens, have been delivered and the rest of the order is not delivered. Write an email to your customer Mrs. Emma Woodhouse, explaining the situation and providing a solution.
  13. Many of the computers in the company you are working in are slowly working as they become old. You should inform your manager about this problem by writing an email and informing them that many times during work, the computers overheat and shut down. Hint:overheat, shutdown
  14. At 19/07/2020 you received your credit card bill statement and you notice that at 15/06/2020 confirmation of an order placed relating to a contract that you have no knowledge of. Write an email to bank Manager and ask a bank for repayment of a disputed transaction. Hint:disputed transaction, repayment
  15. You work in an office where employees share computer. You think all the employees should have their own computers. Write an email to your team leader, Mr. Campbell, giving three reasons the office should provide a laptop computers to each employee. Hint:Meeting with customers. Working from home. Staying connected during travel.
  16. Company you work for recently decided that employees should be trained in First Aid, and you were assigned to arrange the training. Let your employer know that the training session will begin one month from the date of the e-mail and that it will take three days to complete. Also provide other information related to training. Hint:First aid, training, employees
  17. Write an e-mail to request to conduct a training session for your associates using the following phrases, with a minimum of 50 words and a maximum of 150 words.
    Hint:three weeks , belong to XYZ project , closer to office , reach Seattle this Saturday , duration of stay , book hotel , travellers cheque or cash , ensure port of departure is Chennai , prefer transit via Frankfurt
  18. Write an email to the project manager sharing all the reported observations and asking them to share a timeline for closure of all the points by the development team.
  19. As your company is growing constantly and you need a bigger and better work place, your company is relocating to a new address. Write an email to your customers informing about the change in address. Please use the below given phrases and limit the word count to a minimum of 70 and maximum of 100 words.
    Hint:near outer ring road , shifting to , bigger office space , November 10 , change in telephone number , new address is provided below , fourth floor , Cessna Business Park
  20. As the CEO of XL Technologies, write an email of Notice for unsatisfactory performance of Project Manager, Kirti Sinha, who couldn’t convince the clients with the project plan and timeline.
    Hint:Confirming our meeting , unsatisfactory aspects , your performance , expect , the future , improve your performance , every confidence , the problem , be repeated
  21. Email travel department: Your project manager wants you to travel to UAE to meet clients and gather requirement. Using the following phrases, write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 150 words to the travel department requesting them to book flight tickets. Hint:three weeks, belong to XYZ project, closer to office – reach Seattle this Sunday, duration of stay, book hotel, travelers cheque or cash, ensure port of departure is Chennai, prefer transit via Frankfurt
  22. K.A. University, K.A. City offers a correspondence course leading to a Diploma in Waste Water Management after plus tiro. You are Deepak i Deepti Sinha. Write to the Director. Correspondence Course, K.A. University for the brochure and prospectus and enquiring about the job opportunities after completing this course. Hint:different parts of the country, educational institutions
  23. You are Aakriti and you had a verbal agreement with XYZ pvt. Ltd. to buy 10 sets of laptops from them for your office. Write an email to the Delivery Head, Mr. Ajay Raj, to confirm the purchase order which was verbally conveyed on Oct 15, 2017. The order needs to be delivered within 10 days of acknowledgement. There are certain terms and conditions which are to be attached with the email too. Hint:This email , confirm , acceptance , verbal order communicated , on 15th Oct 2017 , purchase order , terms attached , Unless , objection , ten days , receipt of this order , expect delivery , goods on the date indicated
  24. Write an E-mail to file a F.I.R. in nearest police station of your area stating that you have lost your credit cards and valuables due to pick pocketing. Hint:Pick pocketing , valuable , credit card , stolen , F.I.R. , police-wallet , block
  25. Write an email to the contractor to shift the outside material inside the building due to the material will be damage for a stay in a long time outside the area.
  26. Write an e-mail to the editor of a newspaper regarding the poor conditions of the government hospitals in Kolkata. Give your suggestions for improvement.
  27. There is an AC which leaks just next to where you sit. Housekeeping places a bucket regularly to avoid water spillage. Would you like to sit next to such a fault? Think about what different ways will you get irritated. You finally decide to write to your admin manager, but he is loaded with a lot of work, some of them definitely much more important ones. What can you do, to make him take your work on priority. Write an Email Highlighting the Importance of the Above issue to your Admin Manager.
  28. You are a tester. In this project you have to test the test cases within 48 hours of receiving them. The project is in a critical phase. At this juncture, you receive the test cases one day late from the developer, Eashwar. This has set you back by one day. Write a mail to your manager Hareesh, giving him a heads up that the testing will be delayed by one day because of this.
    Hint:Address, service centre, situation, claim, issue, resolve, sorry, inconvenience, international warranty, raise
  29. Write an e-mail to your friend giving him some tips telling him how to fight global warming.
  30. Write an email to a newspaper editor acknowledging him about his latest article on intolerance in a newspaper and you are impressed with this article. Sign the email as Mr. Ashok.
    Hint:yesterday , article , published , intolerance , impressed , tradition , government , India , opinions , Mr. Ashok
  31. Write an e-mail to the editor of The Indian Express in about 100 words on the issue of the indiscriminate cutting of trees.
  32. Write an E-mail to the Bank Branch manager Mr.Alex, requesting him to block your credit card since you lost your wallet with the credit card 2 days back. Sign as Mr.William. Minimum 50 words and your mail should not be more than 130 words. Hint:Wallet , Stolen , Pickpocket , Valuable , Misuse , Block , Police , FIR , Credit Card , Documents , Report , Confirm
  33. Write an email to a friend about your work experience week. include the type of business you worked in, describe what you had to do each day and say how this has helped you with your career
  34. Write an email to the city newspaper editor to complain about the increasing waste in your area
  35. Write an email to your office for five days off.
  36. Write a Thank You Email After an Interview.
  37. Write an email asking for a job vacancy.
  38. You have recently attended a job interview in ABC company. Write an email to Mr. Jagdeesh, HR Head of ABC company expressing your gratitude for interviewing you and share your experience. Please use the below mentioned phrases while writing the mail. Sign the email as Anita. Hint:Thank you , time and consideration -extended , interview with you yesterday , opportunity , my experience , my future , goals , hearing from you , wish to thank , courtesy
  39. You are working in a corporate company and there are few new resources joined in your company. Write an email to your boss asking to organize a picnic with entire unit including the new joiners as a part of company quarterly outing. Please use the below mentioned outline keywords in your answer and limit the content to 70 to 100 words. Hint:Greeting, Profits, Team outing, welcoming, thank you
  40. You are working in ABC software company. There is a job opening in your organization and you feel that one of your friends is perfect for that position. Write an email to your Head HR referring your friend for the vacant position and giving few details about his experience. Please use the below phrases to frame the content.
    Hint:Recommending , my friend Martin , vacant post , Programmer Analyst , degree , work experience , pleasant person , good addition , team , resume
  41. You are john and the project you worked on was successful. There is a success party arranged regarding the same. Write an email to your client inviting to the party. Please use the below phrases and limit the content to 50 to 100 words.
    Hint:pleasure , mobile alert project , Tuesday , eight pm , Hilton downtown- dinner , meal constraint , successful project , celebrate , hard work , if any , looking forward
  42. You are Aditya and you are a supplier. M/S Big Wheel Manufacturing Company is one of your clients. Write an email to Mr. Chopra, the manager of M/S Big Wheel Manufacturing Company reminding about the payment for already delivered products which is due for three months.
    Hint:On time , delivery of goods , three months , credit period , overdue , payment , of the earliest , longstanding , relationship
  43. You are Agnish, the HR of TCS Bangalore zone. The company is planning a trip of its new employees. Write an e-mail to director of scouts and guides to organize a three day camp in Ayodhya Hills.
    Hint:Trip, expenses, travel and trekking, food, benefits, elements, guide, site-seeing, parks, temples, fun, memory
  44. You are a student representative for your department. Prof. Sunil is your Head of the Department who is getting retired next month. Write an email to your batch mates suggesting a send-off party to Prof. Sunil. Sign the email as Sam.
    Hint:inform , retire , plan , surprise , party , host , family , exceptional teacher , guide , mentor , groom , students , helpful , together , memorable
  45. You are a worker at London Swiss Watches. A person purchased Tiss watch in London worth Rs.40000/- and the watch is stopped working and he is a resident of india (banglore). Write a email writing for the solution? 1. Suggest the customer what to do. 2. send the address of service center . 3. Explain about the situation and claim of international warranty.
  46. As a member of your residential society, write an email addressing the inspector of local police station, Mr. Sharma, complaining about the miscreants creating nuisance with their rash bike riding every evening outside your society. Sign the email as william.
    Hint:residential area , ride , rashly , children , play , elderly , walk , grocery shop , across the road , dangerous , accidents , nuisance , action , immediatelybr