Email Writing Class 10

  1. You are Keshav and you are planning for a holiday in Goa with family for the new year. You found out the best rated hotel in Goa. Write an email to the hotel manager asking to book a room for you and your family for 5 days. Give all the necessary details like the check in and check out dates and timings, list of members with their names and ages, etc. Please use the below mentioned outline keywords in your answer and limit the content to 70 to 100 words. Hint:New year Holiday, Goa trip with family, Advance booking
  2. You are a product manager working in ABC appliances company. A customer inquired about your product via telephone. Write an email to that customer explaining in detail about your product and your after-sale services. Please use the below phrases to frame the content. Hint:Launched vacuum cleaner “EEGA” , recently , innovative , huge market share , excellent after sales services , arrange demo , discount on bulk orders
  3. You have received a nice gift from your friend Manish on your birthday. Write an email to your friend expressing your happiness and thanking for the gift. Please use the below phrases and sign the mail as XYZ. Hint:Birthday ceremony, heartiest thanks, occasion, great pleasure, miss, presence, nice, see, favourite, cake, lovely, surprise
  4. You have a colleague who is very good for you and friendly, but he has a habit of talking loudly on the phone, especially around your desk. Can you write a casual mail asking him not to do that. Your mail must not offend him, but at the same time convey a message. Write an email conveying the above message to your colleague. Hint:loudly, disturbance, colleagues, speaking softly, help , Communications
  5. You are Ramesh, the security in charge at Global sum Private Limited. You have witnessed a number of issues in maintaining records in paper files. Write an email to your manager Mr Aman Chatterjee requesting to issue cards for all the employees and visitors so that a proper record keeping can be done. Hint:Issue, cards, visitors, guests, record keeping, security, purposes, return, back, leaving, resolve, easy, time-taking, less reliable
  6. You are Prashant and you are a team lead. Your team failed to deliver a project in time as the team is affected with Cholera. Write an email to the client explaining him about the testing team’s situation and apologizing for the delay in project delivery. Use the below phrases to frame the content. Hint:inform , delay , submission , Account Payable project , due to , team , cholera , uncertain , assure , request, bear with , your loss
  7. You are Subham, a student of MNNIT Allahabad. You had your annual day at your college last Saturday where you received the best coder in the college award. Write an email using the following phrases to share your experience with your friend Nil. Hint:Annual day, enjoyment, 1st prize, appreciation, merit, certificate, proud, student, coding contests
  8. At 19/07/2020 you received your credit card bill statement and you notice that at 15/06/2020 confirmation of an order placed relating to a contract that you have no knowledge of. Write an email to bank Manager and ask a bank for repayment of a disputed transaction. Hint:disputed transaction, repayment
  9. Commando of National Defence academy Pune Seeking permission for your class visit to NDA, Write an email for same.Hint:join, immediately, manager
  10. Customer/vendor asking them to share payment details. Hint:You had sent an email to a customer/vendor asking them to share payment details. It has been 10 days since they responded. They have paid only 30% towards the project and have to pay the next 40% for the project.
  11. You have been hospitalized for over two weeks and you need to inform your boss about the delay in discharge from the hospital. Write an email to your boss, Mr. K Singh informing him about the same and request to increase the sick leave. Hint:sick time, pay,
  12. You have lost your ATM card of ICICI bank and you realised it very late. Write a request email to the customer service of ICICI bank to resolve the problem and reissue a new ATM card. Hint:Request, please, quick, lost, urgent, steps, inform, deal, reissue, procedure, other, long, facing
  13. It is kite season in your area. Write an email to a friend who lives in another city inviting him /her to fly kites with you Hint:1 Why people fly kites in this season. 2 How you propose to fly kites with your friend. 3 Whatthe kite flying scene is all around. 4 How much fun it would be.
  14. Mr Satish Kaul is the Sports Instructor in Geeta Convent, Narasapur. The Principal of the school asks Mr Kaul to place an order for buying cricket kits, volleyball nets, footballs, bad.
  15. You are Aakriti and you had a verbal agreement with XYZ pvt. Ltd. to buy 10 sets of laptops from them for your office. Write an email to the Delivery Head, Mr. Ajay Raj, to confirm the purchase order which was verbally conveyed on Oct 15, 2017. The order needs to be delivered within 10 days of acknowledgement. There are certain terms and conditions which are to be attached with the email too. Hint:This email , confirm , acceptance , verbal order communicated , on 15th Oct 2017 , purchase order , terms attached , Unless , objection , ten days , receipt of this order , expect delivery , goods on the date indicated
  16. Write a mail to your sister wishing her all the best for her intermediate board exams, guide her and motivate her to achieve her targets and pass with flying colors. Hint:Boards, aim, topper, good percentage, tensed, relax, hard work, time management, all the best
  17. Write an E-mail to file a F.I.R. in nearest police station of your area stating that you have lost your credit cards and valuables due to pick pocketing. Hint:Pick pocketing , valuable , credit card , stolen , F.I.R. , police-wallet , block
  18. Write an email to the contractor to shift the outside material inside the building due to the material will be damage for a stay in a long time outside the area.
  19. Write an e-mail to the editor of a newspaper regarding the poor conditions of the government hospitals in Kolkata. Give your suggestions for improvement.
  20. To your friend describing the winter season in a hill station you visited. You have recently visited a hill station during winter vacation. Write your experience to your friend. You are Manu/Manavi.
  21. As per RBI guidelines a new interest rate on auto loan has been change from 9 to 9.25%. Write an email to all the applicable customer informing same about it. Hint:interest, rate, guideline
  22. There are garbage bins that are overflowing in your colony. Write an email to your area environment officer complaining about the garbage problem in your area.
  23. You received an email from your friend, Oscar who is interested to buy some gems.(pew)
    Hi, My mother’s birthday is almost here. I am thinking of getting a gemstone for her birthday. Which jewellery shop should I go to and how do I choose a gemstone jewellery for her. Could you come along and help? I will be waiting eagerly for your reply.
    Now, write an email to your friend in about 80 words. Write your answer below.
  24. You have recently joined a band at school. Write an email to a friend about the band. In your email, you should: describe the other people in the band say why you have enjoyed playing in the band so far explain what plans the band has for the future.
  25. Write an e-mail to the editor of The Indian Express in about 100 words on the issue of the indiscriminate cutting of trees.
  26. Write an email to Mrs. Ha Vu to let her know of the bank’s decision regarding her loan application
  27. Email about a message to a friend asking for information about a new computer game
  28. What do CC and BCC mean when writing an email? Write an email explaining about both to your all friends.
  29. Write an email to inform your friend about the cancellation of the CBSE class 10 exam
  30. Write a formal email requesting your elder brother to buy a mobile.
  31. You are working in a corporate company and there are few new resources joined in your company. Write an email to your boss asking to organize a picnic with entire unit including the new joiners as a part of company quarterly outing. Please use the below mentioned outline keywords in your answer and limit the content to 70 to 100 words. Hint:Greeting, Profits, Team outing, welcoming, thank you
  32. You are working in ABC software company. There is a job opening in your organization and you feel that one of your friends is perfect for that position. Write an email to your Head HR referring your friend for the vacant position and giving few details about his experience. Please use the below phrases to frame the content.
    Hint:Recommending , my friend Martin , vacant post , Programmer Analyst , degree , work experience , pleasant person , good addition , team , resume
  33. You are working in an IT company, write a mail using the outline for the team of facilities about the deteriorating food quality of the cafeteria. Mention about the quantity and quality of food items served by food vendors in the cafeteria during breakfast and lunchtime. Sign in email as Sanjana.
    Hint:Tasteless, unhygienic, uncooked, waste of money, unhealthy, less quantity, quality, food waste
  34. You are working in XYZ Ltd. company, and due to some personal reasons, you are planning to take the next full week’s work from home and also meeting with multiple customer. Write an email to your team leader MR. Cambell to provide approval for the laptop from the IT team.
    Hint:meeting with customers, working from home, staying connected while travel
  35. You are working in ZXY Technology Ltd., today you received your first salary, write a mail using below outlines to your father expressing your happiness.Also, thank him for all his efforts of raising you up so well. Sign the email as Tarun.
    Hint:First salary, credited, happiness, hard work, effort, proud, father
  36. You are weekly meeting with your colleague and boss. How to explain your weekly work in meeting.
    Hint:last week, work
  37. You are the owner of Deep Book House in Shakti Nagar. Write an email using the following phrases with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 100 words to place an order for 100 books of “Mastering Mathematics” to Arihant Publication House to supply the books at the earliest.
    Hint:Early order, academic year, demand , shipment, requested, customers, Arihant Publication, 100 books, Mastering Mathematics