Email writing test Wipro

  1. Nowadays, many young people willing to seek job opportunities abroad and are open to the idea of settling there long term.
  2. You are mr.Ashish, Business Executive at xyz ltd, an electronics store. One of your customers ordered an Air Conditioner in your store which is not available at the moment. Write an email to the customer explaining the situation. Please frame the content using the given phrases. Hint:good product, high demand, busy season, unavailable, delivered soon, two more weeks, apologies, compliment, gift voucher
  3. You are Misha, the manager of HPCP training organization. Write an email to your training coordinator about the problems you are facing in the management of training. Please use the below phrases in the mail content. Hint:Training, mess, discipline, strict, young, liberty, decorum, fees, appraisal, studies, Coordination
  4. You are Mr. Kuldeep and you bought a refrigerator from Samsung store recently. However, You are facing problems with the new refrigerator. Write an email to Mr. Shashank, the regional manager of Samsung, complaining about the defective piece you have received. Please make sure you use the below phrases in the content of the email. Hint:new refrigerator, deep freezer not working, fluctuating temperature, compressor, repaired or replaced, under warranty, disappointed
  5. You are a project manager and for some technical reasons, the project is getting delayed. Write an email to your customer Mr. Gill Roy, explaining the reason for the delay in work. Please use the below mentioned phrases and keep the word count to 70 or below. Hint: Payment processing system , Schedule , 10th May (Friday) , Unexpected power outage , 3 days , Overall delay , 7 days , includes recovery of lost work , will not recur
  6. You have received a nice gift from your friend Manish on your birthday. Write an email to your friend expressing your happiness and thanking for the gift. Please use the below phrases and sign the mail as XYZ. Hint:Birthday ceremony, heartiest thanks, occasion, great pleasure, miss, presence, nice, see, favourite, cake, lovely, surprise
  7. You work for a company that recently finished an important project. You and your co-worker had to work hard and you think your team deserves a great party. Write an email to your boss, Mr. Nelson, giving three reasons why he should organize a party for your entire team.
  8. You are Ramesh, the security in charge at Global sum Private Limited. You have witnessed a number of issues in maintaining records in paper files. Write an email to your manager Mr Aman Chatterjee requesting to issue cards for all the employees and visitors so that a proper record keeping can be done. Hint:Issue, cards, visitors, guests, record keeping, security, purposes, return, back, leaving, resolve, easy, time-taking, less reliable
  9. You are Swapna and you are a student. You have newly joined a college for your graduation. Write an email to your friend about the new college, its rules and timings. Please use the below mentioned outline keywords in your answer and limit the content to 70 to 100 words. Hint:Eagerly, St. Mary’s College, Strict rules, Timings, Course details
  10. You are the Customer Service Officer at The Staples. Your customer had placed a bulk order for 100 Ruled Notebooks, 200 Gel Pens and 250 Box Files, of which only 50 Ruled Notebooks, 100 Ball Point Pens instead of the Gel Pens, have been delivered and the rest of the order is not delivered. Write an email to your customer Mrs. Emma Woodhouse, explaining the situation and providing a solution.
  11. Your company has recruited a visually challenged person. He worked hard and got promoted. Write an email to the HR appreciating for the humanly act of giving him a chance to grow. Please use the below phrases while writing the email. Hint:visually challenged , great job , thanks , opportunity
  12. You ordered the merchandise on 14th June, 2020, however the ordered was not delivered and got cancled. Mention about the enclosed information purchases slips, payment records, documentation of shipment address and order canlation slip. Write an email to HDFC bank about a dispute of amount Rs. 1500 on your credit card account, request correct the debiting error promptly.
  13. You are a consultant and send an mail to the contractor to shift the outside material inside the building because machines are getting damaged due to rain. Hint:outside, material, rain, shifting
  14. Write an e-mail to request to conduct a training session for your associates using the following phrases, with a minimum of 50 words and a maximum of 150 words.
    Hint:three weeks , belong to XYZ project , closer to office , reach Seattle this Saturday , duration of stay , book hotel , travellers cheque or cash , ensure port of departure is Chennai , prefer transit via Frankfurt
  15. Write an email to the project manager sharing all the reported observations and asking them to share a timeline for closure of all the points by the development team.
  16. To your friend describing the winter season in a hill station you visited. You have recently visited a hill station during winter vacation. Write your experience to your friend. You are Manu/Manavi.
  17. As an internship project manager at Reliance Jio, write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 150 words using the following phrases to Mr. Ajay offering him an internship opportunity in graphic designing. Hint:attached, Offer, knowledge, requirements, tenure, congratulations, skills, program, new learning, welcome, great team
  18. Write a mail to your landlord stating the problems that you’re facing in the washroom of your flat. And ask him to get it repaired as soon as possible because your parents are going to visit you soon.
    Hint:Shower, bathroom, hanger, small insects, leakage in the tap, parents, water wastage
  19. Write a mail to the lost and found the department and tell them about the document that you have found in the cafeteria and ask them to put it on the notice board, so that it is easy for the person to find his documents.Please use the below phrases and limit the content between 70 to 100 words.
    Hint:Documents, government ID, lost and found, urgent, cafeteria, mention your details
  20. Write a mail to the badging team asking them about the process of issuing a new ID card since your ID is damaged and you are not able to swipe it and mark your attendance. Mention the necessary detail like Emp-id, designation and sign the mail as Rakesh.
    Hint:ID damaged, new, process, facing issue, swipe, attendance, Emp-id, designation
  21. You recently bought a product from ITEX company which didn’t work as expected. Though you raised it to the customer care folks, they didn’t attend you and left you with no proper resolution. Write an email to the manager of ITEX company, explaining the issue you faced and the irresponsible behavior of the customer care team.
    Hint:bought a product , didn’t work , called customer care , put me through automated teleservices , on hold for 19 minutes , got disconnected , wrote an e-mail , reply , sorted out , 2 days , problem still unresolved
  22. Write an email to a friend about your work experience week. include the type of business you worked in, describe what you had to do each day and say how this has helped you with your career
  23. Write an email to the city newspaper editor to complain about the increasing waste in your area
  24. Write a formal email requesting your elder brother to buy a mobile.
  25. Write an email describing the celebration of Holi
  26. You are working in ABC software company. There is a job opening in your organization and you feel that one of your friends is perfect for that position. Write an email to your Head HR referring your friend for the vacant position and giving few details about his experience. Please use the below phrases to frame the content.
    Hint:Recommending , my friend Martin , vacant post , Programmer Analyst , degree , work experience , pleasant person , good addition , team , resume
  27. You are Jerin, a wildlife researcher and journalist. You are very disappointed with the decreasing number of wild animals day by day. Write an email to the wildlife department of India to save natural Vegetation and wildlife.
    Hint:High time, action, number, graph, five years, statistics, awareness, assets, disappointing, request, policies, strictness, save, responsibility
  28. You are john and the project you worked on was successful. There is a success party arranged regarding the same. Write an email to your client inviting to the party. Please use the below phrases and limit the content to 50 to 100 words.
    Hint:pleasure , mobile alert project , Tuesday , eight pm , Hilton downtown- dinner , meal constraint , successful project , celebrate , hard work , if any , looking forward
  29. You are a project manager and you took the help of Billy, an additional resource, to complete the task in time. Write a “Thank You” email to Billy appreciating his timely help including the below phrases in the email.
    Hint:Accepting join , project months time , location constraints , flexibility , hard work , technical expertise invaluable , high complexity task , co-operating , deliver service , critical moment , deadlines , saviour , look forward , to working with you , all the best
  30. You are a project manager and you took the help of Billy, an additional resource, to complete a task in time. Write a “Thank You” email to Billy appreciating his timely help in your critical time and made the project success.
    Hint:Payment processing system , Schedule , 15th , month , Unexpected system crash , bug fix and maintenance , 3 days , Overall delay , 10 days , includes recovery of lost work , will not recur