Email writing in TCS online test

  1. You are Navin and you are in final year of your course, attending campus interviews in your college. Write an email to your parents sharing your experiences on your first campus interview. Please use the below phrases and limit the word count to 50 to 80. Hint:80 minutes , tensed , formal shirt , negative marking , polish , write a program , early in the morning , written test , four member panel , explain , offer , very happy
  2. You are Mr. Kannan, Principal of ABC school. Your school annual day function is commencing soon and you decided to invite Mr. Ashok, environmentalist as a chief guest speaker to the function. Write an email to Mr. Ashok inviting him for your school event and requesting to deliver a speech on cleanliness and greenery. Please use the below phrases while building the content of the email. Hint:valuable words, cleanliness, clean and green, amazing work, motivate and inspire, healthy, young minds
  3. You are Manoj from the facilities team, Write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 100 words using the following phrases to the employees in the company informing them about the repair work going on in phase 1 washrooms and apologize for the inconvenience caused. Hint:inconvenience, repair work, toilets, one day, work, timing details, sorry, washrooms, apologize, inconvenience
  4. You are Misha, the manager of HPCP training organization. Write an email to your training coordinator about the problems you are facing in the management of training. Please use the below phrases in the mail content. Hint:Training, mess, discipline, strict, young, liberty, decorum, fees, appraisal, studies, Coordination
  5. You are Swapna and you are a student. You have newly joined a college for your graduation. Write an email to your friend about the new college, its rules and timings. Please use the below mentioned outline keywords in your answer and limit the content to 70 to 100 words. Hint:Eagerly, St. Mary’s College, Strict rules, Timings, Course details
  6. You are the director of a pharma company. Few foreign delegates are visiting your office in the coming week. Write an email to your office manager informing about the foreign delegates visit and asking him to do the arrangements. Please use the below phrases to frame the content. Hint:Foreign delegation , visiting , arrive , Wednesday morning , visit headoffice , also factories , keep premises clean , interaction , employees , compulsory attendance , dress in formals , evening , sightseeing , food arrangements , taste in mind
  7. You are the Customer Service Officer at The Staples. Your customer had placed a bulk order for 100 Ruled Notebooks, 200 Gel Pens and 250 Box Files, of which only 50 Ruled Notebooks, 100 Ball Point Pens instead of the Gel Pens, have been delivered and the rest of the order is not delivered. Write an email to your customer Mrs. Emma Woodhouse, explaining the situation and providing a solution.
  8. Many of the computers in the company you are working in are slowly working as they become old. You should inform your manager about this problem by writing an email and informing them that many times during work, the computers overheat and shut down. Hint:overheat, shutdown
  9. You ordered the merchandise on 14th June, 2020, however the ordered was not delivered and got cancled. Mention about the enclosed information purchases slips, payment records, documentation of shipment address and order canlation slip. Write an email to HDFC bank about a dispute of amount Rs. 1500 on your credit card account, request correct the debiting error promptly.
  10. You work in an office where employees share computer. You think all the employees should have their own computers. Write an email to your team leader, Mr. Campbell, giving three reasons the office should provide a laptop computers to each employee. Hint:Meeting with customers. Working from home. Staying connected during travel.
  11. Write an email to the project manager sharing all the reported observations and asking them to share a timeline for closure of all the points by the development team.
  12. Email travel department: Your project manager wants you to travel to UAE to meet clients and gather requirement. Using the following phrases, write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 150 words to the travel department requesting them to book flight tickets. Hint:three weeks, belong to XYZ project, closer to office – reach Seattle this Sunday, duration of stay, book hotel, travelers cheque or cash, ensure port of departure is Chennai, prefer transit via Frankfurt
  13. K.A. University, K.A. City offers a correspondence course leading to a Diploma in Waste Water Management after plus tiro. You are Deepak i Deepti Sinha. Write to the Director. Correspondence Course, K.A. University for the brochure and prospectus and enquiring about the job opportunities after completing this course. Hint:different parts of the country, educational institutions
  14. You park your vehicle in basement of TCS. Write an email to the safety Admin raising a safety concern in the basement which could pose as a potential threat to the associates.
  15. It is kite season in your area. Write an email to a friend who lives in another city inviting him /her to fly kites with you Hint:1 Why people fly kites in this season. 2 How you propose to fly kites with your friend. 3 Whatthe kite flying scene is all around. 4 How much fun it would be.
  16. Write an email to the editor of the newspaper about the article on plastic pollution published in the latest edition. Hint:article, plastic pollution, published
  17. A new family has moved into your neighbourhood. Write an Email to your friend about how you first met was with that family. Hint:Neighbor, Friends, Family, New house, nice
  18. Write an email to the Sales Manager of XYZ Productions acknowledging his change in meeting request to 15th August, 2017, 11:30 AM. Hint:Pursuant to your request , changed your meeting , 11:30 AM , 15th Aug 2017 , able to accommodate , looking forward , meeting , newly appointed date
  19. Write an e-mail to the Principal of your school requesting him to give you one week’s leave as your grandmother expired last night
  20. Write a mail to the facilities team and tell them to restock the stationary items in the cubical number 701-216. Also, tell them to keep checking about the requirements in every 8-10 days. Sign the mail as Swati. Please use the below phrases and limit the content between 70 to 100 words.
    Hint:irresponsible, restock, stationary, facing problems, regular check
  21. You recently bought a product from ITEX company which didn’t work as expected. Though you raised it to the customer care folks, they didn’t attend you and left you with no proper resolution. Write an email to the manager of ITEX company, explaining the issue you faced and the irresponsible behavior of the customer care team.
    Hint:bought a product , didn’t work , called customer care , put me through automated teleservices , on hold for 19 minutes , got disconnected , wrote an e-mail , reply , sorted out , 2 days , problem still unresolved
  22. You are the head manager of CV Agency Private Ltd. You are happy with the performance of a team in your organization. Write an email to your company’s HR appreciating him for selecting a team which is quite good and hard working.
    Hint:Team, HR, outstanding, meet, anticipations, praise, well, hard work, congratulations, keep, spirit, performance
  23. Write an email to your office for five days off.
  24. You are working in ABC software company. There is a job opening in your organization and you feel that one of your friends is perfect for that position. Write an email to your Head HR referring your friend for the vacant position and giving few details about his experience. Please use the below phrases to frame the content.
    Hint:Recommending , my friend Martin , vacant post , Programmer Analyst , degree , work experience , pleasant person , good addition , team , resume
  25. You are Vikram, a member of the HR team in TCS Mumbai. There are new timings being implemented for lunch. Write a mail to your manager to inform him about the change in timings of lunch as discussed in the meeting.
    Hint:Lunchtime, from 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM, changed, employees, request, break, better, hopefully
  26. You are the Operations Manager of the company ABC who prints visiting cards. You got a bulk order from a regular customer for 10,000 visiting cards to be delivered in 3 days. because of some technical glitch, your printing machine stopped working and you cannot get the order ready. Since the customer is a regular one, you need to write a letter of apology to Mr. Amit Kumar, to express your regret for cancelling the order.
    Hint:acknowledge receipt , letter , reasons , canceling your purchase , misunderstanding , led , cancellation , the matter up with management , problem , does not occur , valued customers , satisfaction , primary concerns , Please accept our apology
  27. You are the Operations Head for TCS and you had placed a bulk order of 40 laptops to KC consultancies. The order stands rejected now since the delivery was not on the expected date and the specifications of the laptop are not as per the requirement. Write a letter of Notice to the company regarding the rejection of goods.
    Hint:received goods , our order , dated , hereby reject said goods , reasons , Goods not delivered , required time , defective as described , non-conforming to sample or specifications , Notice of acceptance of our order , as required , not received , ordered the goods from other sources , issuing appropriate credits or refunds , provide instruction for return at your expense
  28. You are the HR of a very big company, write a mail to all the new employees congratulating them and welcoming them in corporate life. Also, tell them about the Orientation Day Program. Sign the email as Sunaina S.
    Hint:Congratulations, venue, discipline, corporate life, new phase, reporting time, Government Id, presentation, Id-card collection
  29. You are the librarian of L.W.A. Senior Secondary School, Poona. You want to purchase a dictionary, a book on computers, a book for preparing for competitive examinations and a book for I.I.T. entrance examination for use of students and staff of your school. Place an order with M/s Higginbothams, Mumbai, giving the details regarding the mode of despatch and mode of payment.
  30. You are the Event Manager at XYZ Technologies and you had organized the annual meeting for your company in La’ Vintage Hotel. The event was a grand success and your management was very happy with the arrangements. Write an email to the manager of the hotel complimenting him on the service and the arrangements.
    Hint:Annual all hands meeting of the company , held at your hotel , successful , compliments , received , staff’s courteousness , excellent food , prepared , occasion , Thank you , make , event a success
  31. You are the Executive Manager at Vodafone and you recently got a complaint from a loyal customer about his SIM card not working. Write an email apologizing for the issue and providing him a solution within 2 days. Sign yourself as Kim.
  32. You are the HR of a college. Write an email to the hr manager of wipro to conduct the campus interview at your college.
    Hint:Campus interview
  33. You are the chief of customer satisfaction in an online retail company. One of your executives has worked long hours and on weekends to solve the grievances of a large client. He went beyond the call of duty, working at nights even to complete the customer billing project. Write an email within 70 – 100 words to your boss, appreciating your team member’s work and recommending a promotion for him.
    Hint:thank you , keep it up , client , week , end , night , appreciating the work done , hard work , Customer billing project , beyond call of duty , extra working hours
  34. You are Alok, Compose an email message on the following themes to your younger brother in about 70-80 words and explain to him about the importance of physical activities.
    Hint:advice, physical, activities, lazy, concentration, fitness, peace, mind, play
  35. You are Akash. You are working in an IT company for three years and now you wish to switch to another company. Write an email to apply for a job in a company showcasing your experience and performance details in your current company.
    Hint:Switch, best, performance, awards, hike, experience, knowledge, dedication, work, hope, details, resume