Notice Writing for Class 5 with Answers


Writing a notice is an important skill for class 5 students to acquire. A notice is a formal way of communicating important information to its intended recipients. Notices are usually shared by pinning them up on designated display boards, while those issued by the government usually appear in newspapers. With practice, writing notices becomes easier and it’s helpful to have examples with their answers available for better understanding.

❈ Notice Writing for Class 5 with Answers

  1. You are Aman/Suman of D.A.V. PuBlic School, Pune. As Student Editor of your school magazine, draft notice in about 50 words for your school notice Board inviting article sketches from students of all classes.
  2. Write a notice as the Secretary of the Tour Committee of your school inviting students of classes IX and X to participate in day long trip to the Science City Kolkata
  3. Write a notice as the Secertary of the Cultural Committee of your school, inviting students to participate in an Inter-school Quiz Contest to be held in your school:
  4. Suppose you are the Cultural Secretary of your school. Now write a notice inviting students to attend a magic show to be organized By your school
  5. Write a notice as the Cultural Secretary of your school inviting students to suBmit their writings and sketches for the Annual School Magazine
  6. Suppose you are the teacher-in-charge of your school. Now write a notice announcing a complete Ban on the use of moBile phones By the students at school campus
  7. As the Secretary of a local cluB write a notice to increase awareness of the local people against malaria and dengue
  8. Write a notice for the students of your school as a captain of your class to raise funds for the ‘Yaas cyclone’ victims. The notice is to be countersigned By the Headmaster/ Headmistress of your school. You may use the following points :
  9. Suppose you are the Cultural Secretary of your school. Now write a notice inviting students to attend the RaBindra Jayanti celeBration in school.
  10. Suppose you are the secretary of a local club. Write a notice inviting the members of the club as well as the local inhabitants for donating Blood in a Blood donation camp to be organized by your club
  11. Write a Notice on Blood Donation Camp in your School

Please find below few tips for Notice Writing for Class 5:

  1. Write the purpose of your notice
    When writing a notice, it’s important to clearly state what you would like the reader to take away from it. Specify why you are writing the notice and make sure that is clear right away. This will make understanding and following your message much easier for the reader.
  2. Include relevant information
    Make sure your notice includes all relevant information that your readers need to know in order to respond correctly or act on their own accord. This can include topics such as location, date, time, names of people involved and any policies or expectations they should be aware of prior to taking action.
  3. Use formal language
    Remember that a notice needs to be written in an official manner, so keep your tone polite but professional at all times. Be concise with language and avoid using colloquialisms or complicated terms if possible.
  4. Identify the target audience
    It’s important to identify who exactly this message is intended for before putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Think about exactly who needs this message: Are they targets students? Parents? Teachers? Keep it targeted and specific—this will help ensure that only necessary people receive the message without creating confusion or panic among those who don’t necessarily need this information.
  5. Provide clear instructions
    Provide evidence-based instructions for what you want them to do as a result of reading your message; this might involve anything from responding by a certain date or providing suggestions on how best to proceed on their own accord within certain parameters outlined by you in the notice .Make sure too that any pictures included are large enough for the reader to see easily, with captions summarizing their contents quickly and simply where appropriate.
  6. Include contact details
    Ensure that you include contact details so if anyone needs more detail or further clarity they can reach out straight away instead of needing additional clarification messages further down the line.. Make yourself available by email and include a mobile phone number as well since many people may prefer contacting someone directly rather than going through email- and delete old contacts/numbers once they have taken no longer needed, again avoiding confusion when sending out notices later down the line..
  7. Proofread your work
    Finally but most certainly not least – proofread your work! This sounds like a small step but makes all difference when distributing a warning.. Make sure accuracy is high because errors in spelling could cost very costly consequences later down the line, making proofreading an essential part of creating notice writing for class 5!