Email writing test for customer service

  1. You are Mr. Naman and you recently bought a laptop from Smart Appliance Company. Write an email to Mr. Arun, the manager of Smart Appliance Company, explaining the poor quality of service offered to you in the city. Please use the below phrases and write the email in about 100 words only. Hint:very few , service centers , complaints , pending problems , maintenance , cost , time , delivery , increase , customer satisfaction
  2. Last month, you took part in the heritage walk conducted in your city. You came to know about many heritage sites or buildings which are not commonly known to all. Moreover you had a chance meeting with the U.N Secretory general. Write an email to share your experience with a friend staying abroad.
  3. You are mr.Ashish, Business Executive at xyz ltd, an electronics store. One of your customers ordered an Air Conditioner in your store which is not available at the moment. Write an email to the customer explaining the situation. Please frame the content using the given phrases. Hint:good product, high demand, busy season, unavailable, delivered soon, two more weeks, apologies, compliment, gift voucher
  4. You are Navin and you are in final year of your course, attending campus interviews in your college. Write an email to your parents sharing your experiences on your first campus interview. Please use the below phrases and limit the word count to 50 to 80. Hint:80 minutes , tensed , formal shirt , negative marking , polish , write a program , early in the morning , written test , four member panel , explain , offer , very happy
  5. You are Mr. Kannan, Principal of ABC school. Your school annual day function is commencing soon and you decided to invite Mr. Ashok, environmentalist as a chief guest speaker to the function. Write an email to Mr. Ashok inviting him for your school event and requesting to deliver a speech on cleanliness and greenery. Please use the below phrases while building the content of the email. Hint:valuable words, cleanliness, clean and green, amazing work, motivate and inspire, healthy, young minds
  6. You are Kanauji, a member of customer support team with an online retailer. On next Monday morning you have a social function at your home and will be unavailable to serve. Write an email to your boss, Badapiang asking her approval to rearrange your work schedule to the night shift instead of Monday morning. Hint:Function , home , unavailable to serve , night shift , arrangement , morning , guest , work , rearrange , completed
  7. You are Mr. Kuldeep and you bought a refrigerator from Samsung store recently. However, You are facing problems with the new refrigerator. Write an email to Mr. Shashank, the regional manager of Samsung, complaining about the defective piece you have received. Please make sure you use the below phrases in the content of the email. Hint:new refrigerator, deep freezer not working, fluctuating temperature, compressor, repaired or replaced, under warranty, disappointed
  8. You are a product manager working in ABC appliances company. A customer inquired about your product via telephone. Write an email to that customer explaining in detail about your product and your after-sale services. Please use the below phrases to frame the content. Hint:Launched vacuum cleaner “EEGA” , recently , innovative , huge market share , excellent after sales services , arrange demo , discount on bulk orders
  9. You are Satish and you own a vehicle. You took a policy on your vehicle from an insurance company recently. Write a letter to the manager of the insurance company asking to issue a policy letter on vehicle expense reimbursement. Please use the below phrases and limit the content between 70 to 100 words. Hint:essential that , personnel drives company and personal vehicles in connection , company , maintain , record , expenses incurred , reimbursed , expenditures that , your good , record keeping , possible , Receipts , submit , purchases , expenses and repairs , require record , the amount of time spent driving , your cooperation
  10. At 19/07/2020 you received your credit card bill statement and you notice that at 15/06/2020 confirmation of an order placed relating to a contract that you have no knowledge of. Write an email to bank Manager and ask a bank for repayment of a disputed transaction. Hint:disputed transaction, repayment
  11. You ordered the merchandise on 14th June, 2020, however the ordered was not delivered and got cancled. Mention about the enclosed information purchases slips, payment records, documentation of shipment address and order canlation slip. Write an email to HDFC bank about a dispute of amount Rs. 1500 on your credit card account, request correct the debiting error promptly.
  12. As the CEO of XL Technologies, write an email of Notice for unsatisfactory performance of Project Manager, Kirti Sinha, who couldn’t convince the clients with the project plan and timeline.
    Hint:Confirming our meeting , unsatisfactory aspects , your performance , expect , the future , improve your performance , every confidence , the problem , be repeated
  13. K.A. University, K.A. City offers a correspondence course leading to a Diploma in Waste Water Management after plus tiro. You are Deepak i Deepti Sinha. Write to the Director. Correspondence Course, K.A. University for the brochure and prospectus and enquiring about the job opportunities after completing this course. Hint:different parts of the country, educational institutions
  14. You have your salary account in SBI bank and you notice credit amount mismatch in the account statement, Write an email to the customer service of SBI bank for the clarification on same. Please use the below phrases to frame the content. Hint:account no., 121212121212121, statement, salary account, passbook, mismatch, clarification, credit amount
  15. Michelle Brown had ordered a desktop from your organization, Dell. However, on receiving her order she noticed that the computer is not working and the screen is broken. She is not happy about her order and has placed a complaint. Please have this issue rectified.
  16. As per RBI guidelines a new interest rate on auto loan has been change from 9 to 9.25%. Write an email to all the applicable customer informing same about it. Hint:interest, rate, guideline
  17. You recently bought a product from ITEX company which didn’t work as expected. Though you raised it to the customer care folks, they didn’t attend you and left you with no proper resolution. Write an email to the manager of ITEX company, explaining the issue you faced and the irresponsible behavior of the customer care team.
    Hint:bought a product , didn’t work , called customer care , put me through automated teleservices , on hold for 19 minutes , got disconnected , wrote an e-mail , reply , sorted out , 2 days , problem still unresolved
  18. Writing an email, you are a student who has a part time job in a big supermarket. Write an email to reply to your classmates enquires about your experience, problems you faced and give advice to students who want to follow your example. Your name is Noor Ali.
  19. Write an email to your office for five days off.
  20. You are the manager of a factory named Nishant Private Ltd. You generally face the problem of attendance count of the employees and they take unnecessary benefit of the situation. Write a mail to the head manager for issue of card at factory while in or out of employees.
    Hint:Issue order, to display attendance cards, or employees or visitors while in or leaving factory
  21. You are invited for your best friend’s wedding but you are traveling onsite on the same day. Write an email to your best friend congratulating the couple and apologizing for not attending his/her wedding. Explain your situation how important is this on-site opportunity to you. Sign the email as Raj.
    Hint:Hearty congratulations, wish all success, new journey, visa approved, travel date confirmed, clashing with wedding date, can not postpone, excuse me
  22. You are in final year of your course and doing project under Prof. Chaturvedi, your project guide. Due to some reasons, you are unable to complete the project in time. Write an email to Prof. Chaturvedi, explaining your situation and requesting for project deadline extension. Please use the below phrases while writing the email.
    Hint:submission date – foreign edition books – Schedule – 10th June – laptop crash – delay in printing – overall status – 9 days – approve the extension – shortage of money
  23. You are former student of Mr. Matt, your professor. Write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 100 words using the following phrases to Mr. Matt thanking him for his guidance that contributed to your overall development.Sign the email as Peter.
    Hint:Successful , Placed , grateful , help , advice , grooming , values , shaping my future , sincere , professional
  24. You are Henry and you are leading a team. Write an email to the HR team requesting to facilitate a short training session on few essential skills to your team. Please use the below phrases and write the content in minimum 50 words.
    Hint:training , sixteen associates , tenth , twelfth August , three days , communication skills , assertiveness , telephone etiquette , e-mail writing , confirm , two days , clarifications
  25. You are Basker, working in an organization that works with overseas clients. There is a call scheduled for March 27 with the client leader German national living in berlin. Suddenly you realise that March 27th is Holi. None of your team members would be coming to office (in India) that day. You realize that you need to reschedule the call. You are a little busy so you send an email to the German client in berlin. Write the email using following phrases:
    Hint:Cancel , meeting , March 27th , Holi , national holiday , reschedule , response , email , apologies , inconvenience , date
  26. You are Charan, you visited a restaurant recently where you were not treated as expected. Write an email to the restaurant owner expressing your serious dissatisfaction on the bad service you got in their restaurant and advise him to take care so that he will not lose his business. Please use the below phrases and limit the content to 70 to 100 words.
    Hint:Bangalore , reservation , wait , half an hour , bad service , waiters , rude , long time , food arrive , cold , bill , late , surprised , act immediately , good reputation
  27. You are DeShawn, the branch manager of an insurance company. You have decided to take the team out for a movie and have arranged for a limousine to pick and drop them from their residences. Write an email of 70 – 100 words informing them about the team building activity. The movie is scheduled on Friday 8:00 PM at Forum mall, followed by dinner at the Hotel Chevron.
    Hint:at your residence , decided based on the poll result , on Friday , team building activity , forum mall , dinner at Hotel Chevron , will drop , answer the poll immediately , confirm your participation , company cab
  28. You are an architect working directly with a client. Write an email to the client that you are sending some plans and asking him to review and suggest changes if needed. Please use the below mentioned phrases while writing the email.
    Hint:sending plans , Project “dreamcode” , technical and functional details , not final , detailed review , suggestions , improvement , 2 weeks time , incorporate , revised proposal , final signoff
  29. You are an employee of XYZ technology Ltd. Write an e-mail to your manager asking for an emergency sick leave for 2-3 days as you are suffering from dengue, and the doctor has advised for bed rest. Sign the email as Priyanka D.
    Hint:Fever, doctor, symptoms, leave, energized, bed rest, office, join
  30. You are an employee working in the ticket resolve section of a marketing company Zuper Sales and Design. You have got a ticket where a customer money got deducted twice the amount for the single product and he wants to know why it has happened and asking for the amount to be refunded back in his account. Write an email for the same providing the customer with the necessary information.
    Hint:twice, amount, technical fault, apologize, money, account, refund, 24 to 48 hours, inconvenience, help, contact
  31. You are an intern in ABC Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Write an email to your manager Mr. Ramesh, updating him about your work progress and challenges you are facing. Please limit the word count between 70 and 100. Sign the email as ben.
    Hint:Thank , challenging , progress , tight , schedule , support , report , analytics , guidance , access , doubt , requirements , design
  32. You are Alok, Compose an email message on the following themes to your younger brother in about 70-80 words and explain to him about the importance of physical activities.
    Hint:advice, physical, activities, lazy, concentration, fitness, peace, mind, play
  33. You are Ali, a new joinee with a mobile manufacturing company. Your Company is rolling out a new training program with latest technology and you want to participate in it. Write an email to your boss expressing your desire to enroll in the program and how it will further your career and benefit the company.
    Hint:Heard , new training program , latest technology , useful , my career , want to be included , participate keenly , learn and implement , benefit of the company