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Essay on Social Media

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Essay on Social Media

Social media is a way of sharing our thoughts, pictures, videos and many more with other people. It is a way of connecting with our friends and family who are far away from us. we can talk with them and may know about their day to day activity. social media , now a days, is not only about bringing people together but also it is becoming many more than this. As people can share everything which in anyway concerns other people too. Like, for an example, is a woman is victim of domestic voilence and yet she is not filling any complain, some other people can take video of it and share it on social media and from there she might get support from other people and police also.

  As we know, everything may have two aspects for it. Social media along with its many facilities, has some problems also. There are many people who have bad intensions can use the social media as their weapon. They might hack to someone’s account and get their personal information and use it for bad purposes. Moreover, our next generation is also very effected by social media . because of this reason they spent most of their time on phone using social media. Now a days they are more interested in uploading their selfies on social media instead of going out and playing with their friends. And this is also one of the reasons that a good number of childrens have to wear glasses in their early age.

So in conclusion, we can say that impact of social media on our society is both positive and negative. We can use it wisely for various good purposes also. But we also need to be carefull while using it.  

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