Email writing test Capgemini

  1. The company you work for recently hired several new employees. Your sales team has been asked for ideas about the training they should receive. Write an email to your manager, Mr Jenkins, suggesting three areas new-employee training should focus on. Your suggestions must come from the following three themes; 1. company history 2. product knowledge 3. communication with customers You should include all three themes. Provide supporting ideas for each of your suggestions
  2. Write an Email to Bill Gates for raising a fund of 1 Billion Dollar for construction of a scientific block in your college
  3. You are Mr. Chopra and you recently bought a car from Smart Automotive Company. Write an email to Mr. Ahmed, the manager of Smart Automotive Company, explaining the poor quality of vehicle service offered to you in the city.
    Hint:very few , service centers , complaints , pending problems , maintenance , cost , time , delivery , increase , customer satisfaction
  4. You are Mr.Anil and you are a marketing executive. You have a conference which is for two days in another city. You are looking for a temporary accommodation in the city which is near to your conference venue and you found out a newly built hotel. Write an email to the hotel manager asking for details of the rooms and equipment provided by them. Please use the below mentioned outline keywords in your answer and limit the content to 70 to 100 words.
  5. You are Manoj from the facilities team, Write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 100 words using the following phrases to the employees in the company informing them about the repair work going on in phase 1 washrooms and apologize for the inconvenience caused. Hint:inconvenience, repair work, toilets, one day, work, timing details, sorry, washrooms, apologize, inconvenience
  6. You are Ron, working in an organization as project head. There is a meeting scheduled for August 03 with the client leader. Suddenly you realize that your team is totally packed on 3rd Aug and none of your team members would be able to attend the meeting that day. You need to reschedule the meeting. being little busy, write an email to the client explaining the situation and apologizing for the late update. Hint:Cancel , meeting , August 03 , busy day , scheduled , reschedule , response , email , apologize , inconvenience , date
  7. You are a project manager and for some technical reasons, the project is getting delayed. Write an email to your customer Mr. Gill Roy, explaining the reason for the delay in work. Please use the below mentioned phrases and keep the word count to 70 or below. Hint: Payment processing system , Schedule , 10th May (Friday) , Unexpected power outage , 3 days , Overall delay , 7 days , includes recovery of lost work , will not recur
  8. You are a product manager working in ABC appliances company. A customer inquired about your product via telephone. Write an email to that customer explaining in detail about your product and your after-sale services. Please use the below phrases to frame the content. Hint:Launched vacuum cleaner “EEGA” , recently , innovative , huge market share , excellent after sales services , arrange demo , discount on bulk orders
  9. You are Swapna and you are a student. You have newly joined a college for your graduation. Write an email to your friend about the new college, its rules and timings. Please use the below mentioned outline keywords in your answer and limit the content to 70 to 100 words. Hint:Eagerly, St. Mary’s College, Strict rules, Timings, Course details
  10. You are Sundar and you are a student representative. There is an event ‘Technical Symposium’ being organized in your college. Write a letter to Prof. Deb, the principal of Professional Engineering College, inviting their institution to take part in the technical event happening in your college. Hint:Invite , technical Symposium , previous , expecting , huge participation , latest technology , stalls , demos , interaction , complete , exchange ideas , exciting prizes
  11. You are Satish and you own a vehicle. You took a policy on your vehicle from an insurance company recently. Write a letter to the manager of the insurance company asking to issue a policy letter on vehicle expense reimbursement. Please use the below phrases and limit the content between 70 to 100 words. Hint:essential that , personnel drives company and personal vehicles in connection , company , maintain , record , expenses incurred , reimbursed , expenditures that , your good , record keeping , possible , Receipts , submit , purchases , expenses and repairs , require record , the amount of time spent driving , your cooperation
  12. Your company has recruited a visually challenged person. He worked hard and got promoted. Write an email to the HR appreciating for the humanly act of giving him a chance to grow. Please use the below phrases while writing the email. Hint:visually challenged , great job , thanks , opportunity
  13. You are working in XYZ pvt. Ltd. You received one invoice form customer Mr. Boat. Write and email (mention about invoice is in attachment) and send to accounts team for invoice processing. Hint:invoice received from vendor, need to process, asking accounts team for processing the invoice, soft copy of the invoice attached in the mail
  14. You work in an office where employees share computer. You think all the employees should have their own computers. Write an email to your team leader, Mr. Campbell, giving three reasons the office should provide a laptop computers to each employee. Hint:Meeting with customers. Working from home. Staying connected during travel.
  15. Company you work for recently decided that employees should be trained in First Aid, and you were assigned to arrange the training. Let your employer know that the training session will begin one month from the date of the e-mail and that it will take three days to complete. Also provide other information related to training. Hint:First aid, training, employees
  16. You are “Aastha” working in an IT Company. Write an e-mail using the below outlines with a minimum of 70 words to your company travel help desk, a complaint about the cab driver’s rash driving and traffic violations. Hint:Cab details, rash driving, over speed, accident, traffic violation, signal jump, high speed, time crunch
  17. Write an email with minimum 70 words to your colleague congratulating him on the success of his grand project. He successfully got the highest revenue project on board and completed it within the timeline. Sign yourself as Kabir. Hint:congratulations , good job well done , nice work very problem , working hard , very easy , keep it up
  18. You are a consultant and send an mail to the contractor to shift the outside material inside the building because machines are getting damaged due to rain. Hint:outside, material, rain, shifting
  19. As Sales Manager, Rising Sim Company, Chawri Bazar, Delhi, write to Perfect Paper Mills, Periyar (Tamilnadu) reminding them of the delay in the execution of your order.
  20. You work for a construction company. You think the company needs a employee. Write a email to your manager Mr. Jones telling him why you think why you think your company needs to hire someone you’re reasons must come the following 3 themes. 1) too much work 2) expert needed 3)missed business opportunities
  21. You are a resident of Tamil Nadu. The municipal corporation has decided to break some of the temples near your area for construction work. Write an email to the collector to save the golden gifts temples of Tamil Nadu by our ancestors. Hint:Temples, save, property, gifts, understand, importance, back, dignity, country, realize, moral, wrong, admire
  22. You are a resident of Allahabad city. You are seeing an immense rise in the pollution since a few years and now it has become extreme. Write an email to Allahabad development authority to remove the pollution from the city. Hint:Pollution, garbage, immense, rise, diseases, health, too, steps, effects, factories, vehicles, ban, masks
  23. You are Aakriti and you had a verbal agreement with XYZ pvt. Ltd. to buy 10 sets of laptops from them for your office. Write an email to the Delivery Head, Mr. Ajay Raj, to confirm the purchase order which was verbally conveyed on Oct 15, 2017. The order needs to be delivered within 10 days of acknowledgement. There are certain terms and conditions which are to be attached with the email too. Hint:This email , confirm , acceptance , verbal order communicated , on 15th Oct 2017 , purchase order , terms attached , Unless , objection , ten days , receipt of this order , expect delivery , goods on the date indicated
  24. There is an AC which leaks just next to where you sit. Housekeeping places a bucket regularly to avoid water spillage. Would you like to sit next to such a fault? Think about what different ways will you get irritated. You finally decide to write to your admin manager, but he is loaded with a lot of work, some of them definitely much more important ones. What can you do, to make him take your work on priority. Write an Email Highlighting the Importance of the Above issue to your Admin Manager.
  25. You are a tester. In this project you have to test the test cases within 48 hours of receiving them. The project is in a critical phase. At this juncture, you receive the test cases one day late from the developer, Eashwar. This has set you back by one day. Write a mail to your manager Hareesh, giving him a heads up that the testing will be delayed by one day because of this.
    Hint:Address, service centre, situation, claim, issue, resolve, sorry, inconvenience, international warranty, raise
  26. You are a regular customer of a restaurant and Mr. Karan is the manager of that restaurant. Write an email to Mr. Karan complementing about their services and their staff courtesy. Please sign the mail as Rajesh. And please use the below phrases in the content. Hint:best services, good food, excellent hospitality, appreciate good work, friendly staff, best restaurant, impressed, good name, keep going
  27. Write an email to your colleague congratulating him for getting promoted to the upper level. And also ask him to give you some knowledge about the same so that you can work on your skills and get promoted. Sign the email as Sunil. Please use the below phrases and limit the content between 70 to 100 words. Hint:Congratulations, new role, hard work, party, celebrations, guidance, skills, promotion
  28. Write an email to you school to grant one week leave as you will be participating in state level badminton championship. Hint:State level, badminton, championship
  29. Write an email to your department informing them about the Holi Celebrations that is going to be held in the garden section of the building. Also, tell them about the dress code and information about the snacks arrangements.
    Hint:Festival, colours, traditional wear-food, drinks, fun, celebrations, family, time, holi, wrist badges for entry
  30. Write an e-mail to your friend giving him some tips telling him how to fight global warming.
  31. Write an e-mail to your cousin advising him how to use the internet. You can use the hints given below :
    Hint:internet, pros, cons, videos, advice
  32. Write an email using the following phrases to your manager telling him about your deteriorating performance because of your health issues and promising him that it won’t happen in the future. Sign the mail as “Anuradha”.
    Hint:performance, reports, health problems, disease, symptoms, promise
  33. Write an email to your sister Mona, wish her all the best for her JEE- MAINS exams, which she is going to attend next week. share some few tips for preparation using the below-mentioned phrases and sign the email as Shubham.
    Hint:Exam, tension, cool mind, hyper, hard work, best wishes, revise, all the best
  34. Write a mail to your client telling them about the unavailability of the employees on the festival holidays i.e. From 8th October to 10th October. Hence, inform them about the delays in sending the reports and assure them that you would be sending them on 11th October. Sign the mail as Nandini. Hint:Durga Puja, festival, holiday, results, promise, on time, sorry, delay
  35. Write a mail to the lost and found the department and tell them about the document that you have found in the cafeteria and ask them to put it on the notice board, so that it is easy for the person to find his documents.Please use the below phrases and limit the content between 70 to 100 words.
    Hint:Documents, government ID, lost and found, urgent, cafeteria, mention your details
  36. Write a mail to the facilities team and tell them to restock the stationary items in the cubical number 701-216. Also, tell them to keep checking about the requirements in every 8-10 days. Sign the mail as Swati. Please use the below phrases and limit the content between 70 to 100 words.
    Hint:irresponsible, restock, stationary, facing problems, regular check
  37. You are a project manager for a team of 20 resources. Write an email to your team, enquiring about the irregularity in submitting their weekly timesheets and stressing the importance of the same. Please limit the word count between 70 and 100 and use the below mentioned phrases. Hint:can be accessed online , lead to loss of pay-every week , do not default , used to bill client , actual working hours , by Friday , failure to adhere , time sheet filling application
  38. Write an email to a newspaper editor acknowledging him about his latest article on intolerance in a newspaper and you are impressed with this article. Sign the email as Mr. Ashok.
    Hint:yesterday , article , published , intolerance , impressed , tradition , government , India , opinions , Mr. Ashok
  39. Write an email to a friend about your work experience week. include the type of business you worked in, describe what you had to do each day and say how this has helped you with your career
  40. Write email to all your existing and new customers about new offering on furnishings. Mention about the special discount for existing customers.
    Hint:Special discount, all furnishings
  41. Write an email to your office for five days off.
  42. Write an email asking for a job vacancy.
  43. You have recently attended a job interview in ABC company. Write an email to Mr. Jagdeesh, HR Head of ABC company expressing your gratitude for interviewing you and share your experience. Please use the below mentioned phrases while writing the mail. Sign the email as Anita. Hint:Thank you , time and consideration -extended , interview with you yesterday , opportunity , my experience , my future , goals , hearing from you , wish to thank , courtesy
  44. You are working in ABC software company. There is a job opening in your organization and you feel that one of your friends is perfect for that position. Write an email to your Head HR referring your friend for the vacant position and giving few details about his experience. Please use the below phrases to frame the content.
    Hint:Recommending , my friend Martin , vacant post , Programmer Analyst , degree , work experience , pleasant person , good addition , team , resume
  45. You are Ashok. You recently watched a movie with your family which was having many unsocial scenes. You were disappointed with the fact that such movies are being telecasted. Write an email to the chairman of the sensor board to implement ban or reduce such movies which show the non-social and flirting atmosphere.
    Hint:Unsocial, ban, shocking, against, rituals, customs, affect – minds, mould, direction, wrong, studies, guidance, reduce
  46. You are Alok, Compose an email message on the following themes to your younger brother in about 70-80 words and explain to him about the importance of physical activities.
    Hint:advice, physical, activities, lazy, concentration, fitness, peace, mind, play
  47. You are Agnish, the HR of TCS Bangalore zone. The company is planning a trip of its new employees. Write an e-mail to director of scouts and guides to organize a three day camp in Ayodhya Hills.
    Hint:Trip, expenses, travel and trekking, food, benefits, elements, guide, site-seeing, parks, temples, fun, memory
  48. You are Aditya and you are a supplier. M/S Big Wheel Manufacturing Company is one of your clients. Write an email to Mr. Chopra, the manager of M/S Big Wheel Manufacturing Company reminding about the payment for already delivered products which is due for three months.
    Hint:On time , delivery of goods , three months , credit period , overdue , payment , of the earliest , longstanding , relationship
  49. You are Ali, a new joinee with a mobile manufacturing company. Your Company is rolling out a new training program with latest technology and you want to participate in it. Write an email to your boss expressing your desire to enroll in the program and how it will further your career and benefit the company.
    Hint:Heard , new training program , latest technology , useful , my career , want to be included , participate keenly , learn and implement , benefit of the company
  50. You are Akash. You are working in an IT company for three years and now you wish to switch to another company. Write an email to apply for a job in a company showcasing your experience and performance details in your current company.
    Hint:Switch, best, performance, awards, hike, experience, knowledge, dedication, work, hope, details, resume
  51. You are a Software Engineer and your colleague Rashi Gulati got promoted as the Senior Software Manager recently. Write an email to congratulate her.
    Hint:Congratulations , promotion to , Senior Software , hard , worked , earn , feel , wise in having , choice , accept , wishes , success in your new position
  52. You are a student representative for your department. Prof. Sunil is your Head of the Department who is getting retired next month. Write an email to your batch mates suggesting a send-off party to Prof. Sunil. Sign the email as Sam.
    Hint:inform , retire , plan , surprise , party , host , family , exceptional teacher , guide , mentor , groom , students , helpful , together , memorable
  53. You are a worker at London Swiss Watches. A person purchased Tiss watch in London worth Rs.40000/- and the watch is stopped working and he is a resident of india (banglore). Write a email writing for the solution? 1. Suggest the customer what to do. 2. send the address of service center . 3. Explain about the situation and claim of international warranty.
  54. You are a project manager and you took the help of Billy, an additional resource, to complete the task in time. Write a “Thank You” email to Billy appreciating his timely help including the below phrases in the email.
    Hint:Accepting join , project months time , location constraints , flexibility , hard work , technical expertise invaluable , high complexity task , co-operating , deliver service , critical moment , deadlines , saviour , look forward , to working with you , all the best
  55. You are a part of corporate communication team in your company. The working time period is revised as 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Using the following phrases, write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 100 words to the employees in your company informing the same.
    Hint:by 30 minutes to avoid traffic , effect from next week , lunch duration , revised working time , reduced by 10 minutes , free breakfast , office will start earlier , till the end of rainy season , will be in effect
  56. You are a project manager and you took the help of Billy, an additional resource, to complete a task in time. Write a “Thank You” email to Billy appreciating his timely help in your critical time and made the project success.
    Hint:Payment processing system , Schedule , 15th , month , Unexpected system crash , bug fix and maintenance , 3 days , Overall delay , 10 days , includes recovery of lost work , will not recur
  57. Write the email to the director of the old age home informing him about the visit of the students from your school to the old age home.
    Hint:Visit of students – old age home, experience, learn, letter, care, motivation, permission, blessings
  58. Write an email to your friend to send Birthday wishes.You are Sita. Write an email to your old school friend Jatin to send Birthday wishes reminding him of the memories you had at your school days and how much you miss them now working in the corporate world.
    Hint:Birthday, lovely, miss, school days, gifts, celebration – meet, cake, surprise, fun, party, corporate world
  59. Write an email to your Friend living in New York to invite on your birthday party at 26th of next month. Hint:Invite, birthday party
  60. Write an email to your friend regarding your school magazine describing the inauguration of the new library in your school