Essay on The Republic Day | Republic Day Essay in English
[ Festival Ganesh Chaturthi Essay in English for Students and Children ] [ Essay on my favourite freedom fighter ] ⚔️ [ दुर्गा पूजा पर निबंध (Durga Puja Hindi Essay) ]
[Essay On 75th Independence Day Of India] [Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Essay in English]

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Latest Email writing Topics with Answers

  1. You are Mr. Naman and you recently bought a laptop from Smart Appliance Company. Write an email to Mr. Arun, the manager of Smart Appliance Company, explaining the poor quality of service offered to you in the city. Please use the below phrases and write the email in about 100 words only. Hint:very few , service centers , complaints , pending problems , maintenance , cost , time , delivery , increase , customer satisfaction
  2. Last month, you took part in the heritage walk conducted in your city. You came to know about many heritage sites or buildings which are not commonly known to all. Moreover you had a chance meeting with the U.N Secretory general. Write an email to share your experience with a friend staying abroad.
  3. The company you work for recently hired several new employees. Your sales team has been asked for ideas about the training they should receive. Write an email to your manager, Mr Jenkins, suggesting three areas new-employee training should focus on. Your suggestions must come from the following three themes; 1. company history 2. product knowledge 3. communication with customers You should include all three themes. Provide supporting ideas for each of your suggestions
  4. Write an Email to Bill Gates for raising a fund of 1 Billion Dollar for construction of a scientific block in your college
  5. You are mr.Ashish, Business Executive at xyz ltd, an electronics store. One of your customers ordered an Air Conditioner in your store which is not available at the moment. Write an email to the customer explaining the situation. Please frame the content using the given phrases. Hint:good product, high demand, busy season, unavailable, delivered soon, two more weeks, apologies, compliment, gift voucher
  6. Yesterday you went to Sunrise Hospital, Market Road, New Delhi taking with you the victim of a hit and run accident. There were chaotic conditions in the casualty department. The injured was attended to after a lot of precious time had been lost. Write a letter of complaint in 120-150 words to the Medical Superintendent. You are Karan/ Karuna, M 114, Mall Road, Delhi.
  7. You are Mr. Chopra and you recently bought a car from Smart Automotive Company. Write an email to Mr. Ahmed, the manager of Smart Automotive Company, explaining the poor quality of vehicle service offered to you in the city.
    Hint:very few , service centers , complaints , pending problems , maintenance , cost , time , delivery , increase , customer satisfaction
  8. You are Navin and you are in final year of your course, attending campus interviews in your college. Write an email to your parents sharing your experiences on your first campus interview. Please use the below phrases and limit the word count to 50 to 80. Hint:80 minutes , tensed , formal shirt , negative marking , polish , write a program , early in the morning , written test , four member panel , explain , offer , very happy
  9. You are Mr.Anil and you are a marketing executive. You have a conference which is for two days in another city. You are looking for a temporary accommodation in the city which is near to your conference venue and you found out a newly built hotel. Write an email to the hotel manager asking for details of the rooms and equipment provided by them. Please use the below mentioned outline keywords in your answer and limit the content to 70 to 100 words.
  10. You are Mr. Kannan, Principal of ABC school. Your school annual day function is commencing soon and you decided to invite Mr. Ashok, environmentalist as a chief guest speaker to the function. Write an email to Mr. Ashok inviting him for your school event and requesting to deliver a speech on cleanliness and greenery. Please use the below phrases while building the content of the email. Hint:valuable words, cleanliness, clean and green, amazing work, motivate and inspire, healthy, young minds

Letter Writing Test Questions with Answers

  1. You are Ramneek, a student of XI class of Patel Sr. Secondary School, Gandhi Nagar. You read an advertisement of Elite Orientations, a leading postal education institution of Gujarat, published in The Indian Express. Write a letter to the Director of the institute seeking information regarding facilities, duration, fee, etc. for the CBSE medical entrance tests.
  2. You are Anand/Akshata of Kolkata. You bought a Whirlpool White Magic Washing Machine from M/s Electronics India, Lake Area, Kolkata. After installation, it washed well for two months. But suddenly the spin dry system of the machine has stopped functioning properly and the clothes are dripping wet even after the spin dry function is completed according to the machine. Write a letter to Electronics India, giving them the Guarantee Card No. and other details regarding your complaint, asking them to attend to it/replace it. (Word limit: 150 words)
  3. S.P. Chaudhri of 160, Netaji Subhash Chandra Enclave, Calcutta bought a frost-free B.L.P. Refrigerator of 265 litres from “Wonder Home’, Central Market, Kolkata. Having used it for about a month he finds that the freezing section of the refrigerator is not working at all. Write a letter to the Sales Manager of the firm complaining about it and requesting for replacement of the defective piece. The refrigerator enjoys a two years warranty against any technical fault.
  4. SAF Public School, Chandigarh is planning to take a group of 40 senior students to Shimla on an excursion during the summer vacation. Mr. Mohan Das, the teacher-in-charge of ‘Excursions & Field Trips’, writes a letter to Tours & Travels, Chandigarh asking them to organize the tour. Write this letter giving details of preference such as dates of journey, transport, accommodation, etc.
  5. You are the librarian of Amla Public School. You had placed an order for textbooks with Dhanpati & Sons. Since the books did not arrive on time, you have decided .to cancel the order. Write a letter to the Manager, Dhanpati & Sons, Chennai, cancelling the order.
  6. This summer vacation you are planning to visit Simla. Write a letter to a travel agency in Shimla requesting them to book you a room in a five star hotel. Give other details of your journey and facilities you require there. Sign your name as Leela/Mohan, C/5, Assam.
  7. You are Vivek/Varsha Malhotra, Head Boy /Girl of Zenith Public School, Ashok Vihar, New Delhi. You have to organise short tours to Agra, Jaipur and Chandigarh. Write a letter to Globe Tours and Travels, 235, Nehru Place, New Delhi, enquiring about their terms for conducted tours by deluxe buses. Also ask about the fare, boarding and lodging charges and arrangements, total time of the trip and mode of payment.
  8. You are Varsha/Varun, the Secretary of the Students’ Forum of Navodaya School, Bikaner. You have planned an excursion to Bhubaneshwar and nearby places during summer vacation. Write a letter to the General Manager, Northern Railways asking for reservation of a bogie for 60 children from Bikaner to Bhubaneshwar and back, supplying all the necessary information.
  9. Write a letter to the Managing Director, New Woodlands Hotel, Chennai to find out the rates for conducting the XII Standard Farewell Party on their lawns, enquiring about catering costs per head, service charges and advance to be paid.
  10. Write a letter to the Municipal Chairman of New Town, North Arcot District about the dilapidated condition of a public monument requesting him to take urgent steps for the preservation of this valuable heritage. You are Anarkali/Akbar, 10, Pudupet, New Town.

Application Writing Questions with Answers

  1. Write an application to the Principal of your school for fee-concession.
  2. Write an application for a week’s leave to the Headmaster of your school as you are unable to attend school because of viral fever.
  3. Write an application to principal to arrange a trip to historical place.
  4. Write an application to the Principal of your school, requesting him to give you the school uniform and textbooks free. Give reasons.
  5. Write an application to the Headmaster for making arrangements for drinking water in the school.
  6. Suppose you are Vikas Malhotra the monitor of X A class of S.D. Sr. Sec. School Ambala Cantt. Write an application to your principal requesting him to arrange special coaching classes in the subject of Mathematics.
  7. Write an application to the Librarian, requesting him to remit the time for returning the books late.
  8. Write a letter to the Principal asking him to send you a character certificate by post.
  9. Write an application to the Headmaster for leave of absence for one week on account of your mother’s illness.
  10. Write an application to the Regional Manager, State Bank of India, Meerut, asking for a loan for further studies. Write your name and address as N. Kumar, 125, Saket, Meerut.

Notice Writing Questions with Answers

  1. Write the notice lost and found – “You are Paritosh Mohanty, the Head Boy of St Mark’s High School, Mussoorie. Draft a notice regarding a sports kit Bag found on the school playground. Provide all the necessary details.”
  2. You are the head Boy/head girl of ABC Public School. Draft a notice to be put up on the notice board inviting the students to volunteer for the Blood Donation Camp which is going to be organized in your school By Rotary Club. Invent the necessary details.
  3. You are the pupil leader of your school. Draft a notice for the notice Board about an excursion that your school is organising, giving all the necessary information in not more than 50 words, asking those desirous to join the excursion to give their names.
  4. Write a notice to be circulated among the students of class XII informing them about a free trip to the International Trade Fair at Pragati Maidan. Imagine you are Priya/ Pranav, School Captain.
  5. As Asha/ABhinav, School Pupil Leader, write a notice for the school notice Board, informing students about proposed picnic at Rose Gardens/Sukhana Lake, Chandigarh.
  6. As Principal of DAV PuBlic School, Pune, draft the notice in no more than 50 words to notify the students about the change in school timings with effect from 2nd March.
  7. You lost your Sonata watch in your class. Draft a notice to be placed in your school notice Board not more than 50 words. You are a student of class 12th of Dindayal Bahadur High School, Kashipur. You are Sumit / Soniya.
  8. A notice should not be more than 50 words written By the captain of class 10th of Sunil / Shabnam, Basant Public School, Bajidpur. Write on your school notice Board that the students will celebrate the annual function they want to participate in.
  9. You are Richa /Rohan, cultural secretary of Don Bosco Public school. Your school is going to organize an art and craft exhibition. Draft a notice not less than 50 words informing the students about the program.
  10. You are Priya /Prashant of Kid Campus School. Write a notice for your school notice Board as you have lost your lunch Box.