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Essay on Importance of education in English


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Essay on Importance of education in English

🇮🇳 Essay on Importance of education in English“ This essay written for children and college students of all classes and for various other competitive exams.

Education is the most important key component of one’s life through his way to success. Education gives us the right direction and gives us the ability to distinguish between right and wrong things. Education makes life easy and helps in taking various decisions in our life. It is the process of acquiring knowledge and helps us in getting employment.

It is a weapon and can be needed throughout life . It brings quality in one’s life and develops skills, personality and attitude. The process of education starts from one’s house in childhood. Education makes people literate and the most important steps included in it are reading and writing skills. Education trains the human mind and without it a human is incomplete. It lends man into the open world and makes him open to the avenues for life of his choice.

In today’s time people seeking high level jobs and wanting to be stable in life need a higher level of education. People having education and experience can easily find jobs and better career options which are very important for living in today’s world as we have to earn a better lifestyle.

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Education opens many doors for us as it also makes us a better human being by giving knowledge about right and wrong things and enriching us with history and its importance. Based on all this we can be a better judge on every aspect of life . Educated people have so much respect for their knowledge in society. 

Education makes people have better experience in the technology and skills that makes their life easy. Hence, without education we are not able to handle the modern machines and left behind the today’s generation. Education also makes us more mature and helps us to see life from a wider range of view and makes us express our views more efficiently. It helps us to develop our personality and improves our communication and interacting skills. 

Education is not justified with age as there is no age limit to being educated. Many people are fond of it and keep learning lifelong. It also can be a tool to unite people rather than based on their caste, culture, colour and race. It is the most powerful weapon and can be used to fight for yourself against society. 

Education is required for all, mainly for the children and young generation of our country as they make the future of the country and play a major role in its development. But due to many reasons and poverty in many parts of India people are unable to know and study the things they want . Even today there are many places where children have no access to schools and colleges or other educational institutions.

For this our government has taken various steps and started many policies so that those children also get education. Many government schools and colleges are started by our government. Mid day meals are also provided in these schools to attract more children and to improve their living. As the citizens of the country it’s our duty to help the government and make our country more powerful by educating the people around us and help them in acquiring knowledge.

From all the above discussion we can conclude that education is the ray of light or hope in the darkness and to get education is the right of every individual and we can’t deny it, it is also mentioned in our constitution. A country has no future with the uneducated youth and it’s an evil for the society and can increase the rate of crimes. So education is the most important key to success and for a happy lifestyle.

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Essay on Importance of education in English

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