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Essay on My Family in English


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Essay on My Family in English

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Family is not simply a word,it is an emotion that can only be felt. A family is a precious gift given by God as it’s everyone’s happy place where we feel safe and motivated. Family is a group of people living together and sharing a bond and playing an important role in each member’s decisions.

Family is an integral part of everyone’s life and many families together form a healthy society to live in. Families are very important as they teach us about the culture of our society and also give us the basic knowledge and give us our identity.

Each member reflects the behaviour of his family. The size of family doesn’t matter whether it’s a big or small family but it always gives us comfort from the outside busy life.  All are emotionally attached to their families and give their best towards these relations and invest their time in it.

Families provide us financial and emotional support. A family mainly consists of a mother , father and their children, this family is called the nuclear family whereas a family which also includes grandparents are called extended families.

I live in a joint family having 11 members . I have my grandparents, parents, my small brother, my two older cousins and aunty and uncle and my cute pet dog. All members of my family live together happily and share problems with each other. We celebrate all festivals happily together and it’s a lot of fun .

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We almost plan a trip together once a year so we all spend a quality of time with each other. My grandparents are very sweet and loving. I’m very close to my grandmother. They teach us moral values and share their life experience with us. They also support us in hard times and save us from dad’s scolds . My grandma makes delicious sweets of their times for me and my cousins .

My grandfather has solutions to almost every problem in the house. He also used to repair many things in the house . He is very intelligent and has a really good sense of humour and always guides all during the hard times.He also has a beautiful garden in which he used to grow vegetables, fruits and flowers as he is fond of nature and animals.  My mother and aunt both are like sisters from different mothers as they share a very special bond with each other.

They are the saviour of the house and know about everyone’s needs and take care of all of us. They cook delicious food and are very strict about maintaining hygiene in the house. They are very lovely and support all my cousins and me emotionally and make us laugh when we are sad. My father and uncle both earn for the family and are very smart and responsible.

Whenever we feel demotivated they motivate us and then tell us about the real meaning of life and the struggle in it and guide us about further future goals . My dad always supports me in my decisions and allows me to create my life in my own way . He is an inspiration for me and I want his guidance all along my life.

My brother is 8 years younger than me. He is very cute and loves playing games. I want to raise him with all my love and guidance and I’m just like a friend to him. Me and my older cousins are almost of the same generation so we all have a special bond and we understand each other very well.

We used to study and travel together . We support each other and are very good friends. Our pet dog is Rio and we all love it and play and take care of it. It is loved by all and we all are attached to it .It is well trained and smart and used to go everywhere with us and our family is incomplete without it. 

There is no doubt that families are often a source of support during difficult times and I can’t imagine my life without these lovely people in my family. It is the joy of being together that has led to family satisfaction and happiness.

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Essay on My Family in English

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