Accenture email writing test

  1. Last month, you took part in the heritage walk conducted in your city. You came to know about many heritage sites or buildings which are not commonly known to all. Moreover you had a chance meeting with the U.N Secretory general. Write an email to share your experience with a friend staying abroad.
  2. You are a product manager working in ABC appliances company. A customer inquired about your product via telephone. Write an email to that customer explaining in detail about your product and your after-sale services. Please use the below phrases to frame the content. Hint:Launched vacuum cleaner “EEGA” , recently , innovative , huge market share , excellent after sales services , arrange demo , discount on bulk orders
  3. You work for a construction company. You think the company need a new employee,Write an email to your manager,Mr.Jones,telling him why you think your company need to hire someone
  4. You are Prashant and you are a team lead. Your team failed to deliver a project in time as the team is affected with Cholera. Write an email to the client explaining him about the testing team’s situation and apologizing for the delay in project delivery. Use the below phrases to frame the content. Hint:inform , delay , submission , Account Payable project , due to , team , cholera , uncertain , assure , request, bear with , your loss
  5. You are Sundar and you are a student representative. There is an event ‘Technical Symposium’ being organized in your college. Write a letter to Prof. Deb, the principal of Professional Engineering College, inviting their institution to take part in the technical event happening in your college. Hint:Invite , technical Symposium , previous , expecting , huge participation , latest technology , stalls , demos , interaction , complete , exchange ideas , exciting prizes
  6. You are Subham, a student of MNNIT Allahabad. You had your annual day at your college last Saturday where you received the best coder in the college award. Write an email using the following phrases to share your experience with your friend Nil. Hint:Annual day, enjoyment, 1st prize, appreciation, merit, certificate, proud, student, coding contests
  7. You are Sid and you are working in a company. You got to know that your boss is planning to invest heavily in a new project which will definitely land in failures as the competitor is already having a similar project. Write an email to your boss explaining the future of the project he is going to take up and suggest him to stop this as soon as possible. Hint:Learnt that boss is taking up a new project , planned for investment of millions of dollars in it , unfortunately plan will not work , competitor has similar project , this project was a failure , no demand in the market , hence should stop this idea immediately
  8. Many of the computers in the company you are working in are slowly working as they become old. You should inform your manager about this problem by writing an email and informing them that many times during work, the computers overheat and shut down. Hint:overheat, shutdown
  9. You are working in XYZ pvt. Ltd. You received one invoice form customer Mr. Boat. Write and email (mention about invoice is in attachment) and send to accounts team for invoice processing. Hint:invoice received from vendor, need to process, asking accounts team for processing the invoice, soft copy of the invoice attached in the mail
  10. At 19/07/2020 you received your credit card bill statement and you notice that at 15/06/2020 confirmation of an order placed relating to a contract that you have no knowledge of. Write an email to bank Manager and ask a bank for repayment of a disputed transaction. Hint:disputed transaction, repayment
  11. You work in an office where employees share computer. You think all the employees should have their own computers. Write an email to your team leader, Mr. Campbell, giving three reasons the office should provide a laptop computers to each employee. Hint:Meeting with customers. Working from home. Staying connected during travel.
  12. Write an e-mail to request to conduct a training session for your associates using the following phrases, with a minimum of 50 words and a maximum of 150 words.
    Hint:three weeks , belong to XYZ project , closer to office , reach Seattle this Saturday , duration of stay , book hotel , travellers cheque or cash , ensure port of departure is Chennai , prefer transit via Frankfurt
  13. Write an email to the project manager sharing all the reported observations and asking them to share a timeline for closure of all the points by the development team.
  14. As your company is growing constantly and you need a bigger and better work place, your company is relocating to a new address. Write an email to your customers informing about the change in address. Please use the below given phrases and limit the word count to a minimum of 70 and maximum of 100 words.
    Hint:near outer ring road , shifting to , bigger office space , November 10 , change in telephone number , new address is provided below , fourth floor , Cessna Business Park
  15. As the CEO of XL Technologies, write an email of Notice for unsatisfactory performance of Project Manager, Kirti Sinha, who couldn’t convince the clients with the project plan and timeline.
    Hint:Confirming our meeting , unsatisfactory aspects , your performance , expect , the future , improve your performance , every confidence , the problem , be repeated
  16. As Sales Manager, Rising Sim Company, Chawri Bazar, Delhi, write to Perfect Paper Mills, Periyar (Tamilnadu) reminding them of the delay in the execution of your order.
  17. Commando of National Defence academy Pune Seeking permission for your class visit to NDA, Write an email for same.Hint:join, immediately, manager
  18. Email travel department: Your project manager wants you to travel to UAE to meet clients and gather requirement. Using the following phrases, write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 150 words to the travel department requesting them to book flight tickets. Hint:three weeks, belong to XYZ project, closer to office – reach Seattle this Sunday, duration of stay, book hotel, travelers cheque or cash, ensure port of departure is Chennai, prefer transit via Frankfurt
  19. Draft an e-mail using the below outlines with a minimum of 80 words and maximum 120 words to be posted to your friend who met with an accident and fractured his leg. Ask about his welfare and wish for his speedy recovery. Hint:Shocking, Doctor advice, take rest, accident, wish, speedy, recovery, medicine
  20. Customer/vendor asking them to share payment details. Hint:You had sent an email to a customer/vendor asking them to share payment details. It has been 10 days since they responded. They have paid only 30% towards the project and have to pay the next 40% for the project.
  21. Customer has given laptop for service company failed to return within customer’s deadline requesting customer to wait for 3 more days Hint:Apologies and requesting
  22. K.A. University, K.A. City offers a correspondence course leading to a Diploma in Waste Water Management after plus tiro. You are Deepak i Deepti Sinha. Write to the Director. Correspondence Course, K.A. University for the brochure and prospectus and enquiring about the job opportunities after completing this course. Hint:different parts of the country, educational institutions
  23. It is kite season in your area. Write an email to a friend who lives in another city inviting him /her to fly kites with you Hint:1 Why people fly kites in this season. 2 How you propose to fly kites with your friend. 3 Whatthe kite flying scene is all around. 4 How much fun it would be.
  24. Introduction held for new joining candidates regarding HR policies, Write an e-mail using the below following outlines with a minimum of 80 words to super boss regarding Policies. Hint:new joining, HR policies, candidates, 25 Jan of this month, hour, session, documents
  25. Imagine that you are Sheethika. Your brother Rajeev is not at home and his friend Sandeep calls up to inform that their local cricket match has been postponed. Since you are going out, write a message 50-60 words for your brother informing him about his friend’s communication. Hint:communication, local cricket match, postponed
  26. Michelle Brown had ordered a desktop from your organization, Dell. However, on receiving her order she noticed that the computer is not working and the screen is broken. She is not happy about her order and has placed a complaint. Please have this issue rectified.
  27. As an internship project manager at Reliance Jio, write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 150 words using the following phrases to Mr. Ajay offering him an internship opportunity in graphic designing. Hint:attached, Offer, knowledge, requirements, tenure, congratulations, skills, program, new learning, welcome, great team
  28. As per RBI guidelines a new interest rate on auto loan has been change from 9 to 9.25%. Write an email to all the applicable customer informing same about it. Hint:interest, rate, guideline
  29. Write a mail to your client telling them about the unavailability of the employees on the festival holidays i.e. From 8th October to 10th October. Hence, inform them about the delays in sending the reports and assure them that you would be sending them on 11th October. Sign the mail as Nandini. Hint:Durga Puja, festival, holiday, results, promise, on time, sorry, delay
  30. Write a mail to the lost and found the department and tell them about the document that you have found in the cafeteria and ask them to put it on the notice board, so that it is easy for the person to find his documents.Please use the below phrases and limit the content between 70 to 100 words.
    Hint:Documents, government ID, lost and found, urgent, cafeteria, mention your details
  31. Write an email to Mrs. Ha Vu to let her know of the bank’s decision regarding her loan application
  32. Email about a message to a friend asking for information about a new computer game
  33. Write an email to the city newspaper editor to complain about the increasing waste in your area
  34. Write an email to your office for five days off.
  35. Write a Thank You Email After an Interview.
  36. Write an email asking for a job vacancy.
  37. Your name is Monica Hayden. You work at Mixe Solutions Inc., a consulting firm, as a project manager. Yesterday, you received an email from the CEO of your company, Anthony D’Cruz, regarding a new project requirement from an important client (StockQuant Inc.). Since all your team members are busy with their individual projects. you would need to hire a few outside analysts to manage the workload of the new project. Write an email to the CEO (anthony@mcg.com) stating that you can take up the new project, but require his permission to hire new analysts. Compose your response?
  38. You are working in a corporate company and there are few new resources joined in your company. Write an email to your boss asking to organize a picnic with entire unit including the new joiners as a part of company quarterly outing. Please use the below mentioned outline keywords in your answer and limit the content to 70 to 100 words. Hint:Greeting, Profits, Team outing, welcoming, thank you
  39. You are working in an IT company, write a mail using the outline for the team of facilities about the deteriorating food quality of the cafeteria. Mention about the quantity and quality of food items served by food vendors in the cafeteria during breakfast and lunchtime. Sign in email as Sanjana.
    Hint:Tasteless, unhygienic, uncooked, waste of money, unhealthy, less quantity, quality, food waste
  40. You are the Operations Manager of the company ABC who prints visiting cards. You got a bulk order from a regular customer for 10,000 visiting cards to be delivered in 3 days. because of some technical glitch, your printing machine stopped working and you cannot get the order ready. Since the customer is a regular one, you need to write a letter of apology to Mr. Amit Kumar, to express your regret for cancelling the order.
    Hint:acknowledge receipt , letter , reasons , canceling your purchase , misunderstanding , led , cancellation , the matter up with management , problem , does not occur , valued customers , satisfaction , primary concerns , Please accept our apology
  41. You are the owner of Deep Book House in Shakti Nagar. Write an email using the following phrases with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 100 words to place an order for 100 books of “Mastering Mathematics” to Arihant Publication House to supply the books at the earliest.
    Hint:Early order, academic year, demand , shipment, requested, customers, Arihant Publication, 100 books, Mastering Mathematics
  42. You are the HR of a very big company, write a mail to all the new employees congratulating them and welcoming them in corporate life. Also, tell them about the Orientation Day Program. Sign the email as Sunaina S.
    Hint:Congratulations, venue, discipline, corporate life, new phase, reporting time, Government Id, presentation, Id-card collection
  43. You are the manager of an IT company. You received a request from an employee claiming for his bonus points and appraisal but you rejected his request as he didn’t meet the complete requirements. Give an explanation why you reject the claim and when it will be approved.
    Hint:Reason of reject – check status, attendance, meet, shifts – holidays, work, incomplete, hard work, surely, anticipations, best wishes, performer
  44. You are the chief of customer satisfaction in an online retail company. One of your executives has worked long hours and on weekends to solve the grievances of a large client. He went beyond the call of duty, working at nights even to complete the customer billing project. Write an email within 70 – 100 words to your boss, appreciating your team member’s work and recommending a promotion for him.
    Hint:thank you , keep it up , client , week , end , night , appreciating the work done , hard work , Customer billing project , beyond call of duty , extra working hours
  45. You are invited for your best friend’s wedding but you are traveling onsite on the same day. Write an email to your best friend congratulating the couple and apologizing for not attending his/her wedding. Explain your situation how important is this on-site opportunity to you. Sign the email as Raj.
    Hint:Hearty congratulations, wish all success, new journey, visa approved, travel date confirmed, clashing with wedding date, can not postpone, excuse me
  46. You are DeShawn, the branch manager of an insurance company. You have decided to take the team out for a movie and have arranged for a limousine to pick and drop them from their residences. Write an email of 70 – 100 words informing them about the team building activity. The movie is scheduled on Friday 8:00 PM at Forum mall, followed by dinner at the Hotel Chevron.
    Hint:at your residence , decided based on the poll result , on Friday , team building activity , forum mall , dinner at Hotel Chevron , will drop , answer the poll immediately , confirm your participation , company cab
  47. You are Anil Kumar. There is a construction work going on beside your place which is creating nuisance every day. Write a letter to Mr. Ashok, the Municipal Commissioner of your city reporting about the issue in your place.
    Hint:building , construction , long time , three years , water usage , mosquitoes , unhygienic , construction workers , bad behavior , attention -request , action , immediately
  48. You are Ashok. You recently watched a movie with your family which was having many unsocial scenes. You were disappointed with the fact that such movies are being telecasted. Write an email to the chairman of the sensor board to implement ban or reduce such movies which show the non-social and flirting atmosphere.
    Hint:Unsocial, ban, shocking, against, rituals, customs, affect – minds, mould, direction, wrong, studies, guidance, reduce
  49. You are Anand Kumar Bhonsle, Purchase Manager of Apple Telesystems, 9th Street, Mahim, Mumbai. Write to Ganapati Stationery Mart, Churchgate, Mumbai asking for rates and terms of supply of stationery items such as pencils, papers, ribbons, carbon papers etc.
  50. Expert employee Hiring for company because of extra work Hint:#article #email# freshers
  51. Email writing on number of hours worked and new equipment and number of workers Hint:Number of hours worked -new equipment -new worker
  52. As a member of your residential society, write an email to inspector of local Police station, Mr.Sharma, informing him about miscreants who ride their bikes rashly every evening outside your society. Sign the email as william.You are William, living in a residential society. Write an email addressing the inspector of local police station, Mr. Sharma, complaining about the miscreants creating nuisance with their rash bike riding every evening outside your society. Hint:residential area , ride , rashly , children , play , elderly , walk , grocery shop , across the road , dangerous , accidents , nuisance , action , immediately
  53. As a member of your residential society, write an email addressing the inspector of local police station, Mr. Sharma, complaining about the miscreants creating nuisance with their rash bike riding every evening outside your society. Sign the email as william.
    Hint:residential area , ride , rashly , children , play , elderly , walk , grocery shop , across the road , dangerous , accidents , nuisance , action , immediatelybr