1 thought on “You are Prashant and you are a team lead. Your team failed to deliver a project in time as the team is affected with Cholera. Write an email to the client explaining him about the testing team’s situation and apologizing for the delay in project delivery. Use the below phrases to frame the content. Hint:inform , delay , submission , Account Payable project , due to , team , cholera , uncertain , assure , request, bear with , your loss”

  1. Dear Sir/Mam,

    This is to notify you of a delay in the submission of the Account payable project. This is due to the unpredictable infectious disease cholera, which causes our entire crew to suffer, resulting in a delay. Our entire staff is presently working on that project, and I can tell you that it will be completed by Friday.
    So, please bear with me for a time so that I can overcome your loss as soon as possible.

    Regards and best wishes


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