Notice Writing for Class 10 CBSE


❈ Notice Writing for Class 10 CBSE

  1. You are Shiva/ Shivani, General Secretary of Sports Club of Govt. Polytechnic College, Moradaabd. Your College has decided to celebrate Annual Sports Day. Write a notice inviting students’ names to participate in any of the sports activities.
  2. Imagine that you are the Secretary of the Cultural SuB-Committee of your school. Your school has arranged for a magic show organised in school compound. Now write a notice for the notice Board of the school. Include the following points : (i) date, place and time of the show; (ii) the charge of coupons and how to get them; (iii) a request to maintain discipline during the show. The notice must be countersigned By the Head of the Institution.
  3. You are Rohit of Indian Public School, Lucknow. Your School has organized a science exhibition on the occasion of the 161st Birthday of Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose, the founder of modern science in the Indian subcontinent. Write a notice in not more than 50 words inviting students to participate in it. Provide all the necessary.
  4. You are Aditi/Ajay, President of ABhinav Welfare Society. Write a notice to be put up on the society’s noticeBoard inviting the members to Book a stall in Diwali Mela organized By your society on Diwali.
  5. As president of “Ardent Youth CluB”, write a notice inviting all the cluB members to volunteer for the “Cleaning Campaign” organized By your cluB at Old Delhi Railway Station. Give all the necessary details.
  6. Chennai Book Society is going to organise a week-long Book fair in the city during the coming autumn vacation. It has requested your school for volunteers to manage various counters. As Secretary, Cultural CluB, Chennai PuBlic School, write a notice in about 50 words inviting the names of those who want to help. You are Lalitha/Latha.
  7. You are Rameshwaram/Rameshwari, secretary, a literary cluB of ABC school, Vikaspuri. Your schoolmate, Gautam Adhikari, a Budding writer, has won the first prize in the state story writing competition. The cluB has decided to organize a function to felicitate him on his laudaBle advertisement. Write a notice in not more than 50 words, informing all the students of your school about the function and urge them to attend it to make the occasion memoraBle. Give all the necessary details.
  8. You are Rani/Raj Secretary, Health CluB National PuBlic School, Ram Nagar. You find that after lunch Break the school playground and verandas are littered with wrappers, paper/polythene Bags, etc. Write a notice in about 50 words advising students to refrain from doing so.
  9. As Student Editor, draft notice in not more than 50 words for your school noticeBoard inviting articles from the students for your school magazine. You are Rohan / Rupini of Vasant Vihar School, Pune.
  10. You are Narain / Namrata, the Cultural Secretary of Kings’ Senior Secondary School, Nainital. Write a notice suitable for your School Notice Board giving the details for the participation of students in a cultural programme to be organised By your school.
  11. You are the Sports Captain of King’s PuBlic School. Write a notice in fifty words for the school notice-Board informing law students about the Inter-School BasketBall match to be played. (Give all necessary details of the match.)
  12. The Students’ Council of your school has organised an excursion to Goa for the students of classes XI and XII during summer vacation. As President of the Council writes a notice in not more than 50 words telling the students about this excursion and inviting their names for joining it.
  13. You are Manav / Mansi working as the Students’ Representative of the School Development Committee. The Committee is going to meet next week to prepare a Calendar of Activities for the school for the year 2003-2004. To ensure that you play your role effectively at the proposed meeting you have decided to invite the students’ suggestions on this suBject write a notice in this regard in not more than 50 words to be put on your school notice-Board.
  14. You are Rohan, secretary of Balaji Society, Meerut. Write a Notice to be circulated to all the residents of the society informing them that there will be no water supply in the society for two days.
  15. Covid-19 has Broken out in an epidemic your school is going to organise an awareness camp for Covid-19 . Now, as the student secretary of your school write a notice for the students of your school on the following points : (i) Date and place of the camp (ii) Visiting hours (ii) Name of the specialist doctor (iv) Mask sanitizer without fees. Get your notice countersigned By the Headmaster of your school.
  16. Write a notice, asking students to contriBute articles, poems, etc., for the school magazine ‘Rise and Shine’. Mention the last date of suBmission of the write-ups, along with an instruction to write neatly. You are the editor of the magazine. (Word limit:50)
  17. You are the secretary of RWA of your locality. Some residents are seen parking their vehicles in front of the houses such activities; give the necessary details. (Word Limit:50)
  18. Final examination is around the corner and students are supposed to be Busy with their studies. But they are seen whiling away their precious time here and there. Write a notice, informing the students that strict action will be taken against them if they are seen wasting their time in useless activities. You are the head Boy/girl of your school. (Word limit:50)
  19. As the principal of your school draft a notice, in not more than 50 words, informing the students that the day following the annual function to be held in the school will remain a holiday.
  20. Mr.XYZ, a renowned linguist, has been invited to deliver a lecture on ‘The Evolution of the English Language’ in your school on the forthcoming Saturday. being the Head Girl/Boy of your school, you are asked to write a notice to inform the students of classes Vi – X about it and to request them to attend it.
  21. The Students’ Union of your school has decided to organise a picnic on the forthcoming Sunday. As the organising secretary of the Students’ Union, draft a notice to inform and invite those who are interested to join the picnic to give their names latest By Saturday morning.
  22. The Annual Sports Day of your school is coming up in a week’s time. As you are the sports secretary of your school, you are required to write a notice for your school notice Board inviting students to give their names for various sports events to be held that day.
  23. Your school is organising a five-day trip to Shimla for the students of class VIII. As the monitor of your class, write a notice to be put up on the class Bulletin Board inviting interested students to register their names latest By the 6th of May.
  24. The Principal of your school has invited a renowned educationist ‘ABc’ to conduct a workshop in your school on the 15th of January so that the students get to learn how to prepare well for examinations, Draft a notice for your school notice-Board to call upon the students of classes VIII to X to attend the workshop. You the Head Girl/Boy of your school.
  25. As the captain of the school footBall ground at 3.30 p.m. on the 17th of November.
  26. You are cultural secretary of your school. Write a notice in Brief for your school notice-Board inviting interested students to appear for an audition on the 16th April for selection in the school theatre group.
  27. Your school is organizing a carnival. Write a notice inviting students to donate their old pieces of clothing, Books, and other articles to be sold in the carnival. Sign yourself as a member of the social cluB of your school.
  28. Invite people to play organised By the Drama CluB of your school on the Annual Day Function. Invent the necessary details.
  29. Your school is organizing a Social Service Camp in the first week of November. You are supposed to impart education to adults. Write a notice to be put up on the school notice Board inviting students volunteers.
  30. In your school, the Drama CluB is organizing a drama. Write a notice to be put up on the school notice Board inviting students to participate in the drama. Sign yourself as the secretary of the Drama CluB.
  31. A health camp has been organised By your school. Write a notice informing the other students about it.
  32. You are Rajnish of Class VIII A. You have found a pencil Box in the school liBrary. Write a notice to be put up on the school notice Board asking the real owner to come and collect it.
  33. You are Jasmine of Clas VIII B. You have lost your wallet with some money and ID card in it. Write a notice to be up on the school notice Board requesting the finder to return it to you. Promise an assured Prize.
  34. Write a notice for the school notice Board regarding a four-day trip to Madhya Pradesh. Consider the specifications.