Email writing questions for class 11

  1. Yesterday you went to Sunrise Hospital, Market Road, New Delhi taking with you the victim of a hit and run accident. There were chaotic conditions in the casualty department. The injured was attended to after a lot of precious time had been lost. Write a letter of complaint in 120-150 words to the Medical Superintendent. You are Karan/ Karuna, M 114, Mall Road, Delhi.
  2. You are Mr. Kannan, Principal of ABC school. Your school annual day function is commencing soon and you decided to invite Mr. Ashok, environmentalist as a chief guest speaker to the function. Write an email to Mr. Ashok inviting him for your school event and requesting to deliver a speech on cleanliness and greenery. Please use the below phrases while building the content of the email. Hint:valuable words, cleanliness, clean and green, amazing work, motivate and inspire, healthy, young minds
  3. You are living in a residential society. Write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 100 words using the following phrases to Mr. Sharma, your municipal inspector, complaining about the irregular water supply in your society. Sign the email as Durga. Hint:residential area , 1500 residents , few days , water , supply , irregular , municipal employees , schedule , wait , whole day , constant , nuisance , action , immediately
  4. You have a colleague who is very good for you and friendly, but he has a habit of talking loudly on the phone, especially around your desk. Can you write a casual mail asking him not to do that. Your mail must not offend him, but at the same time convey a message. Write an email conveying the above message to your colleague. Hint:loudly, disturbance, colleagues, speaking softly, help , Communications
  5. You are Ramesh, the security in charge at Global sum Private Limited. You have witnessed a number of issues in maintaining records in paper files. Write an email to your manager Mr Aman Chatterjee requesting to issue cards for all the employees and visitors so that a proper record keeping can be done. Hint:Issue, cards, visitors, guests, record keeping, security, purposes, return, back, leaving, resolve, easy, time-taking, less reliable
  6. You are Prashant and you are a team lead. Your team failed to deliver a project in time as the team is affected with Cholera. Write an email to the client explaining him about the testing team’s situation and apologizing for the delay in project delivery. Use the below phrases to frame the content. Hint:inform , delay , submission , Account Payable project , due to , team , cholera , uncertain , assure , request, bear with , your loss
  7. You are Sundar and you are a student representative. There is an event ‘Technical Symposium’ being organized in your college. Write a letter to Prof. Deb, the principal of Professional Engineering College, inviting their institution to take part in the technical event happening in your college. Hint:Invite , technical Symposium , previous , expecting , huge participation , latest technology , stalls , demos , interaction , complete , exchange ideas , exciting prizes
  8. You are Subham, a student of MNNIT Allahabad. You had your annual day at your college last Saturday where you received the best coder in the college award. Write an email using the following phrases to share your experience with your friend Nil. Hint:Annual day, enjoyment, 1st prize, appreciation, merit, certificate, proud, student, coding contests
  9. You are Sid and you are working in a company. You got to know that your boss is planning to invest heavily in a new project which will definitely land in failures as the competitor is already having a similar project. Write an email to your boss explaining the future of the project he is going to take up and suggest him to stop this as soon as possible. Hint:Learnt that boss is taking up a new project , planned for investment of millions of dollars in it , unfortunately plan will not work , competitor has similar project , this project was a failure , no demand in the market , hence should stop this idea immediately
  10. Your company has recruited a visually challenged person. He worked hard and got promoted. Write an email to the HR appreciating for the humanly act of giving him a chance to grow. Please use the below phrases while writing the email. Hint:visually challenged , great job , thanks , opportunity
  11. At 19/07/2020 you received your credit card bill statement and you notice that at 15/06/2020 confirmation of an order placed relating to a contract that you have no knowledge of. Write an email to bank Manager and ask a bank for repayment of a disputed transaction. Hint:disputed transaction, repayment
  12. You ordered the merchandise on 14th June, 2020, however the ordered was not delivered and got cancled. Mention about the enclosed information purchases slips, payment records, documentation of shipment address and order canlation slip. Write an email to HDFC bank about a dispute of amount Rs. 1500 on your credit card account, request correct the debiting error promptly.
  13. You are a consultant and send an mail to the contractor to shift the outside material inside the building because machines are getting damaged due to rain. Hint:outside, material, rain, shifting
  14. Commando of National Defence academy Pune Seeking permission for your class visit to NDA, Write an email for same.Hint:join, immediately, manager
  15. Customer/vendor asking them to share payment details. Hint:You had sent an email to a customer/vendor asking them to share payment details. It has been 10 days since they responded. They have paid only 30% towards the project and have to pay the next 40% for the project.
  16. You have been hospitalized for over two weeks and you need to inform your boss about the delay in discharge from the hospital. Write an email to your boss, Mr. K Singh informing him about the same and request to increase the sick leave. Hint:sick time, pay,
  17. You have lost your ATM card of ICICI bank and you realised it very late. Write a request email to the customer service of ICICI bank to resolve the problem and reissue a new ATM card. Hint:Request, please, quick, lost, urgent, steps, inform, deal, reissue, procedure, other, long, facing
  18. You have your salary account in SBI bank and you notice credit amount mismatch in the account statement, Write an email to the customer service of SBI bank for the clarification on same. Please use the below phrases to frame the content. Hint:account no., 121212121212121, statement, salary account, passbook, mismatch, clarification, credit amount
  19. You work for a construction company. You think the company needs a employee. Write a email to your manager Mr. Jones telling him why you think why you think your company needs to hire someone you’re reasons must come the following 3 themes. 1) too much work 2) expert needed 3)missed business opportunities
  20. Introduction held for new joining candidates regarding HR policies, Write an e-mail using the below following outlines with a minimum of 80 words to super boss regarding Policies. Hint:new joining, HR policies, candidates, 25 Jan of this month, hour, session, documents
  21. You are a resident of Allahabad city. You are seeing an immense rise in the pollution since a few years and now it has become extreme. Write an email to Allahabad development authority to remove the pollution from the city. Hint:Pollution, garbage, immense, rise, diseases, health, too, steps, effects, factories, vehicles, ban, masks
  22. You are Aakriti and you had a verbal agreement with XYZ pvt. Ltd. to buy 10 sets of laptops from them for your office. Write an email to the Delivery Head, Mr. Ajay Raj, to confirm the purchase order which was verbally conveyed on Oct 15, 2017. The order needs to be delivered within 10 days of acknowledgement. There are certain terms and conditions which are to be attached with the email too. Hint:This email , confirm , acceptance , verbal order communicated , on 15th Oct 2017 , purchase order , terms attached , Unless , objection , ten days , receipt of this order , expect delivery , goods on the date indicated
  23. Write an E-mail to file a F.I.R. in nearest police station of your area stating that you have lost your credit cards and valuables due to pick pocketing. Hint:Pick pocketing , valuable , credit card , stolen , F.I.R. , police-wallet , block
  24. Write an e-mail to the editor of a newspaper regarding the poor conditions of the government hospitals in Kolkata. Give your suggestions for improvement.
  25. To your friend describing the winter season in a hill station you visited. You have recently visited a hill station during winter vacation. Write your experience to your friend. You are Manu/Manavi.
  26. The sanitary conditions of your locality are in a bad shape. Write an e-mail to the sanitary inspector based on the hints given below:
    Hints: sanitary, conditions, toilets, waterborne diseases, unhygienic
  27. There are garbage bins that are overflowing in your colony. Write an email to your area environment officer complaining about the garbage problem in your area.
  28. You have recently joined a band at school. Write an email to a friend about the band. In your email, you should: describe the other people in the band say why you have enjoyed playing in the band so far explain what plans the band has for the future.
  29. Writing an email, you are a student who has a part time job in a big supermarket. Write an email to reply to your classmates enquires about your experience, problems you faced and give advice to students who want to follow your example. Your name is Noor Ali.
  30. Write an email to the city newspaper editor to complain about the increasing waste in your area
  31. Write an email asking for a job vacancy.
  32. You have recently attended a job interview in ABC company. Write an email to Mr. Jagdeesh, HR Head of ABC company expressing your gratitude for interviewing you and share your experience. Please use the below mentioned phrases while writing the mail. Sign the email as Anita. Hint:Thank you , time and consideration -extended , interview with you yesterday , opportunity , my experience , my future , goals , hearing from you , wish to thank , courtesy
  33. You are the Operations Manager of the company ABC who prints visiting cards. You got a bulk order from a regular customer for 10,000 visiting cards to be delivered in 3 days. because of some technical glitch, your printing machine stopped working and you cannot get the order ready. Since the customer is a regular one, you need to write a letter of apology to Mr. Amit Kumar, to express your regret for cancelling the order.
    Hint:acknowledge receipt , letter , reasons , canceling your purchase , misunderstanding , led , cancellation , the matter up with management , problem , does not occur , valued customers , satisfaction , primary concerns , Please accept our apology