1 thought on “You are Sid and you are working in a company. You got to know that your boss is planning to invest heavily in a new project which will definitely land in failures as the competitor is already having a similar project. Write an email to your boss explaining the future of the project he is going to take up and suggest him to stop this as soon as possible. Hint:Learnt that boss is taking up a new project , planned for investment of millions of dollars in it , unfortunately plan will not work , competitor has similar project , this project was a failure , no demand in the market , hence should stop this idea immediately”

  1. Dear Sir,

    I’m Sid, and I’ve learned that you’re investing a million dollars in a new initiative. I’ve been researching the project for a few days and discovered that the project in which you intend to invest has a competition in the market. As a result, investment in the project may result in failure. Please reconsider, and instead of investing in a new project with no competitors, look for a new project with no competitors.



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