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Notice Writing for Class 9 with Answers

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❈ Notice Writing for Class 9 with Answers

  1. You are Rohit / Roopali. As President of the Students’ Council of St. Francis Sr. Secondary School, Bangalore you have invited a visiting Russian Ballet troupe to give a performance in your school on the occasion of its Golden JuBilee Celebrations. Write a notice in about 50 words, informing the students about this event.
  2. Suppose malaria has Broken out in your area and your school is going to organise a Malaria Prevention Camp. Now, as the student secretary of your school write a notice for the students of your school on the following points : (i) Date and place of the camp, (ii) Visiting hours (ii) Name of the specialist doctor (iv) Blood examination, (v) Medicine to be given without fees. Get your notice countersigned By the Headmaster of your school.
  3. As the secretary of the Eco-club of your school write a notice in about 80 words requesting the students to participate in the Tree Plantation Programme of your school. Get the notice contersigned By the Head of the Institution. You may use the following points : (Date and place of the programme details of the programme-the role of the students)
  4. You have planned to organize a summer camp for the children of age group 10-12 years for developing their creative skills in art, craft, clay modeling, music, etc., in your school during the month of May. Draft a notice in not more than 50 words for your school notice Board giving details. Mention the last date of registration of the students. You are Geeta/Ravi, secretary, R.N. PuBlic School, Raipur.
  5. Draft a notice on behalf of traffic police to inform the residents of Delhi about a diversion in the traffic route due to the Independence Day Celebration at the Red Fort.
  6. You are Secretary of Residents’ Welfare Society, Rajpura. Draft a notice to be put up on the noticeboard informing the residents about an emergency meeting to be held due to the sudden theft in your society.
  7. Your cluB is going to organize an inter-class singing competition. Write a notice in about 50 words inviting names of the students who want to participate in it. Give all the necessary details. You are Navtej/Navita, Secretary, Music CluB, Akash PuBlic School, Agra.
  8. Your school is organising a Talent Search in Music and Dance. As Coordinator of cultural activities drafts notices in not more than 50 words, inviting the names of those who are interested in the competition. Also give other necessary details, to be placed on your school notice Board. Sign as Uday / Vijaya of G.P. Senior Secondary School, Agra.
  9. Suppose you are a member of a Blood Bank society. You have been asked the President of the society to organise a Blood donation camp. Write a notice in 50 words urging the people to come in large numbers for this noble cause. Mention the date, time and venue.
  10. Your school (Amer Vidyalaya’) is organising a cultural evening to collect funds for the slum children. The Education Minister has consented to be the Chief Guest on the occasion. Draft a notice about it to be displayed on your school notice Board. You are the school Head Boy / Head Girl.
  11. The Students’ Council of your school has organised an excursion to Ajanta and Elora for the students of classes XI and XII during Winter Break. As President of the Council write a notice in not more than 50 words telling the students about this excursion and inviting their names for joining it
  12. You found someBody purse in school liBrary. Write a notice to your school to claim the purse