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Essay on Benefits of Yoga in English


Essay on Benefits of Yoga in English

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Yoga is a way to live a healthy life. Yoga was founded in the sub-continent of India. The saint and people of some religious beliefs like Hindus, Buddhism, and Jain practised it. Yoga was introduced to the world by saints and social reformers like swami Vivekananda and swami dayanand Saraswati and many more. The first school was opened in Jamalpur a district of Bihar in India.

Essay on Benefits of Yoga in English

According to the holy book of Hindus named “Gita” ” yoga is the journey of the self, through self, to self. It means that by performing yoga, a human can live a comfortable and stress-free life. It is the oldest technique to cure all types of disease. Two types of yogas are performed, the first one is aashan used to cure the outer body part and the second one is parnayam used to cure the inside soul.

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There are some yoga techniques like anloom viloom and kapalbhati for controlling our breadth. we can control the timing, duration, and frequency of every breadth and hold. The goal of pranayama is to connect our body and soul together. It also supplies your body with oxygen while removing toxins and substances from your body.

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