Essay on The Generation Gap


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Essay on The Generation Gap

Generation gap is defined as the as the age difference between two people. Age is something that defines thinking of people. we can say that in todays world generation gap is increasing day by day. This increasing generation gap demolishing our culture.

Generation gap is also responsible of lack of communication between parents and children. Generation gap also defining our habits which are totally different from our ancestors. Generations describes style of living at that particular time; for example todays generation is attracted toward the western culture and our last generation was more connected to our Indian culture and values. Generations tell us about our history. Our past generations achieved so many things that we can proud on them. 

But in the modern era there is a big gap in generations. This gap can be seen clearly. This gap lead to the stress in younger generation because they are not able to tackle with different situations in life. We can understand this with many examples; for example a child does not tell his/her parents about his/her failures because he/she is afraid of unnecessary things in his mind.

So it is need of time to narrow the generation gap so that we can live in a stress free environment. And this will lead us to a happy country. With better understanding in generations we can perform more better. 

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