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Global Warming and its Threats

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Essay on Global Warming and its Threats

Global Warming is the phenomenon of gradual increase in the Earth’s atmosphere due to many greenhouse gases such as CFC’s, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, carbon di-oxide, carbon monoxide and many more.The greenhouse gases stay in the atmosphere and prevents the sun’s warming rays to leave the earth’s atmosphere. As a result, the Sun’s warming rays stay in the atmosphere increasing the earth’s temperature. Not only greenhouse gases, there are many more other factors which is responsible for the global warming. Some of the factors are urbanisation, deforestation etc.These greenhouse gases are mostly produced by the human activities such as burning of fossil fuels that releases carbon dioxide and other gases.In the recent survey it has been observed that earth’s temperature is increasing by every 2-4% per year. More than 200 international scientific organisations agree that global warming is caused by the human action.

Global Warming is projected to have numerous effects on various things. It is one of the major threat to the environment. Some of them are illustrated as:

1. Increase in average temperature and extreme weather-This is one of the major threat of global warming. Now-a-days, the climate is become more hotter. It has been observed that winters are arriving late. 

2. Rise in the sea levels- Increase in the temperature has lead to melting of glaciers and ice caps. Melted ice increases the volume of water in the oceans and seas which leads to flood in many low lying areas.

3. Acid Rain- The harmful gases such as sulphuric and nitric acids emitted get condensed and forms clouds which in turn precipitates and releases acid rains. Acid rains are very harmful for humans and other living creatures causing many diseases such as skin burn etc and also it depletes the monuments. eg, The Taj Mahal is becoming yellowish due to acid rain.

4. Ozone layer depletion- The harmful CFC’s goes higher in the atmosphere and depletes the ozone layer due to which harmful UV rays penetrates and comes in the earth’s atmosphere.

Thus, global warming is the major threat to our global society.Some measures should be taken properly to reduce the global warming otherwise no time will be farther when our earth will also become like a hot ball of fire.

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