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Violent video games affect children negatively?

essay on Violent video games affect children negatively?

Video games for children was introduced long ago. It was around ten years back, when I was small and used to play with video games. But, during those times the video games were simple and sorted. Many games like mario, jewel thief etc came and these were such an easy ones. It was full of fun, frolic and entertainment. As the years have passed and many new technologies have been developed.With the modern time, there has been a lot of change in the functions of video games. Many new games have been introduced in today’s video games. Undoubtedly, there are many good challenging games, many informative games but also many violent games have also been introduced along with it.These violent games have many negative impacts on children.

Some of the negative impacts of violent video games are listed here. The first reason why the violent video games have negative impact on the children is that it has many health consequences on children. As it is said that humans get very easily attracted to the things which are bad, so, same is there with the children too. Children find these violent video games to be very interesting. They spend their whole day playing these games and it happens many times that they do not take proper diet on time and face many diseases such as postural, muscular and skeletal disorders as they spend most of their time sitting on the computers in the same postures without any physical activities.

Moreover, they waste their whole day playing these games, thus, they do not give time to their studies and other activities.Violent video games makes children habitual and distracts them from their studies which leads to poor school performances.

The second reason is that violent video games directly affect the mental health of the children. They always be disturbed and it has been observed that these games are making children much aggressive and they have also learned many obsessive language. They are not talking in polite way and always can be seen in an angry mode.

The third reason, which is the most negative impact is that, the children try to copy the things happening in these violent video games. This is very dangerous as it can result in loss of life also. For instance, if their is a game in which a character has some super-powers and it jumps from high buildings and do such other stuffs, then children also want to become such superheros and try to copy them. They do the same thing. This can lead to many disastrous consequences. 

Thus, on a summary, it can be concluded that it is not bad that children play video games, but parents must take care that their children do not play any sort of violent games that affects them in a negative way. Parents must keep a check on time for how much their children are playing video games. Childhood is the most important phase of human’s life, because, whatever child learns, that learning continues with them forever. So, it is the duty of their parents and elders to take care of their child and prevent them from using any such sort of things which can lead to harm. Thus, children must be kept far away from violent video games as these can affect them in many negative ways.

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