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Write a letter to the Government of India to Complain regarding trouble faced by common people due to Demonetisation. Hint:trouble, common people

A Block

Government Office – 1

New Delhi

4th January 2021

ABC Road

beside DLF Mall


To the Government of India,

Subject – Trouble faced due to demonetisation

This letter is being written to bring this to the notice of the concerned authority of the Government of India of how the step of demonetisation is causing problems in the life of common people.

The harsh change has started counting the value of old currency notes as a piece of paper and even on emergency account, it is not being accepted in any places. One of my friends could not have his usual dialysis in the hospital because of not being able to pay in the new currency. The count of problems and trouble is many and should be brought to the notice of the government and should be ideally acknowledged.

The government should take the responsibility to make this change easier for everyone and make sure no one faces any health or personal trouble because of the drastic step.

Yours Sincerely

Ramesh Kumar

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