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Addiction of Mobile in Youth

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Essay on Addiction of Mobile in Youth

The mobile phone plays a pivotal role in every human being’s life. Look around you in a public place and you will notice the majority of people clinging to their cell phones, either talking, chatting, playing games, net surfing, or watching videos. There are more than 3.8 billion cell phone users in the world. Even American engineer Martin Cooper, who was the first to display a mobile phone made for the common people in front of the world would not have imagined that merely in a few decades, his invention will rule over the world. Although people of all ages have been affected by this amazing invention, youth has become the biggest victim of this inches’ long predator.

Nomophobia, an abbreviation of “no-mobile-phone-phobia” is the name of one of the most prevalent diseases of the 21st century. It is also called “cell phone addiction” which is a psychological condition when people have a fear of being without a phone or cellular service. In other words, mobile addiction is a disorder involving obsessive overuse of mobile devices. It is usually measured as the frequency of mobile access and the total duration of online activities over a specified period. Usually, people who have emotional and psychological problems such as loneliness, depression, impulsivity, social anxiety, and distraction easily get addicted to technology such as mobile phones. The prominent symptoms of this disease include feeling anxiety or panic over losing the phone and obsessively checking for texts, missed calls, and emails. Research has established that youth who spend too much of their time with their smartphones are more likely to have mental health problems. Some of the problems caused by mobile addiction are stress, depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, aggressive behaviour, disturbed relationships, mental laziness, and neurological disorders. In addition to these mental issues, it can also induce headaches, weakened vision, and pain in fingers and arms. Poor academic performance in students and low or no carrier growth in professionals is also negative outcome of mobile addiction.

Let us see some of the statistical data. 59% of parents feel their kids are addicted to their smartphones. 78% of youths check their mobile phones at least hourly. 72% of teenagers and youngsters feel an urge to immediately respond to texts. 44% of adolescents believe they spend too much time on their mobile phones. No doubt mobile has made our life easier by enabling us to indulge in online shopping, digital payments, GPS access, reading e-books, online games, and many more, yet mobile phones are doing more harm than good.  Mobile addiction is an actual quandary and a matter of great concern. However, by taking a few simple steps one can get rid of this bad habit. These include turning off notifications, deleting distracting apps, setting app time limits, keeping mobile at a distance, and setting your phone to a greyscale. Thus, by adopting these practices, one can get rid of its negativity and embrace positivity.

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