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Essay on Digital India

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Essay on Digital India

Digital India is basically the Scheme of government to make India not to be the dependent on the paper work. But to do the work on online such that wastage of time and paper is maintained it also reduce the money and gives the growth to the economy of the company , people and the community to enhance the knowledge towards the schemes and the things or materials in brief.  It will be very  helpful to those people who can not travel too far and economically weak  also they will do the work from the home and the work will be done on time and all the things or steps perform will be on ease,more and more people will share the views and acquire the content available there

Digital India is promoted by the websites and many organisation are use to give contribution in promotion so that everyone in this country can connect to the the nation indirectly or directly, people will entertain, business, shop, visit, search the contents  available there this will make 

people literate , and can grow the nation as world developed nation. One should able to learn modern things and can grow motivate and accomplish to one another work this will make the whole country to be available on single click, The information  whatever they want to know will be on demand and  the people will be not dependent any longer to any one they will be independent and confident to learn and grow.

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