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Essay On Strategy Of 6r’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, Redesign, Remanufacture

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Essay On Strategy Of 6r’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, Redesign, Remanufacture

In Today’s society, where the population is growing rapidly, waste generation is getting double. It is essential to manage waste. Although the environment and nature are there for human existence, the high waste generation worsens people’s lives. People who live in slums are more prone to diseases are they live close to waste disposal areas. Therefore, in order to maintain proper hygiene, healthy life, and proper sanitation, the 6R’s strategy was put forth. If we apply this strategy in our daily life, we can again make clean earth free of waste.

The first ‘R’ stands for Reduce. Reducing is the first step from where we can decrease the chances of increasing the waste. We can reduce the number of things we use in our daily life like bringing a new shopping bag. You can use a reusable bag, a single permanent water bottle instead of plastic bags and bottles.

The second ‘R’ stands for Reuse. It is a practice by which we can use old items for some other use instead of throwing them away.

The third ‘R’ stands for Recycle. Recycling is a process by which the waste materials are refined, purified, and used to create new products. Recycling helps to reduce waste to a greater extent.

The 4th ‘R’ stands for Redesign. It is a way to reduce plastic waste. By following component redesigning, we can get a new idea by which we should redesign waste material and transform it into new and create a fresh new product.

The 5th ‘R’ stands for Remanufacture. It is a way by which used goods at an original cost and with low pollution emission are refurbished to a new condition instead of new products with resource consumption and reduced energy.

The 6th ‘R’ stands for Recover. In this method, we use waste as an input material to produce a new valuable output like landfilling with the help of waste materials. Of course, the main aim is to reduce waste production.

The 6R’s strategy is a great concept which at a single time gives us an idea of how to decrease the number of things we should throw away, how to decrease the number of things we use, how to redesign things, and how to use things for different purposes instead of throwing them away. We also get an idea of what we do not need and what we need. Following the 6R’s sustainability strategy along with cleaning our environment, solving problems of waste management, saving our environment from more dilapidation, and saving your money by using the process of reduce. As the population level is growing rapidly, human life is supported by nature and its elements along with the essence of the environment.

Lastly, the most effective way to reduce pollution in the environment, environmental depletion, waste generation, waste production is the 6R’s strategy. It is a positive way to make our earth clean, increase the economy, and promote better human health. Healthy and sustainable development of environment is all that we and our future generations need for better health and happy life.

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