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Giraffe Essay in English

Giraffe Essay in English

Giraffes are the most amazing and the tallest animal alive on the Earth. They are the most peace-loving of all the wild animals. A feature that makes them stand out from other animals is their height. A male giraffe can grow up to a height of about 17-18 feet. A baby giraffe is called a calf, they aren’t exactly small because they level up to the height of an adult human of 6 feet. When many giraffes are together they are called the herd of giraffes.

Giraffe lives in the continent of Africa. It is the national animal of Tanzania which is one of the several countries in Africa. We can see them in other countries as well but only in zoos and animal parks. Everywhere they are the center of attraction. People love to see them because of their giant structures. Apart from the long legs, their even longer necks are something that makes them distinct from others.

Giraffes love to eat leaves and their height is a great boon here as leaves of their favourite acacia trees are easily accessible to them. because of their food habits, they are never out of supply. No other animal can reach that height.

Giraffe spends most of their time in eating. They do not need much water and can go for days without it. Water in leaves keeps them going. Moreover, it is very difficult for an adult giraffe to drink water from rivers or ponds.

Giraffe does not sleep much. It’s very interesting that they take small naps while standing.

This beautiful animal has unusual large brown spots on its cream-based skin. No two giraffes in the world can have the same pattern. A giraffe’s coat pattern helps it to blend in with the landscape in which they live.

Isn’t it an amazing animal?

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