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Role of Students in Nation Building

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Essay on Role of Students in Nation Building

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Students are the future of a country. They decide the Destiny of their country. They give good shape to the society they live in. they’ve got certain duties and responsibilities. Their most important duty is to pay attention to their study. They ought to respect and obey their parents and teachers. They should lead punctual and disciplined life. Students should always take part in nation building.
Students are future citizens. they must have some duties towards the country they live in. their country is a cradle of their infancy. when they were infants, deployed in the mud and dust of their motherland. Their country provided them with many useful and necessary things. So they have duties and responsibilities to their country. they should always be ready to serve their country in all possible ways. they should be resolved to safeguard the honour and integrity of their country.

Students cancer their country in many ways. To make the future of their country applied and just strong, they can adopt certain things. They can serve their country by being a good citizen. Only good can citizens serve their country in the right way. They can help their country by taking intelligent interest in the affairs of the nation. They should know what is happening in the country. They should acquaint themselves with facts and study National problems. they can’t live in isolation from the problems of their country. Problems in the country. Some problems are internal and there are some that are external. being sons and daughters of the country they should always be ready to understand and solve the problems of the country. Students can also serve their country by giving assisting hand to the needy and the poor. Students should know that a country needs healthy and powerful persons. How can a sick or a poor person help his country? Therefore A student should strive to help poor and needy people. If they do so, they will really help their country.
Students can play a very important role in nation building by understanding in solving the problems of society they live in. Duties to society means duties to Nation. students can’t shut your eyes to the problems of society. they must be prepared to undertake social responsibilities. They can also play an important role by teaching illiterate people. There are a lot of illiterate persons who should be taught. electric persons can’t make proper progress and less they are imported education. It is the duty of a student to fight against  if you know any and help ignorant and illiterate people in the best possible way.

But the main duty of a student is to study well. they have to think of the other problems of society as well. but they should not neglect their studies at any cost. they must do something for the nation. Students should learn good manners. They must be polite, obedient and bold. They should develop some good qualities. They can help the nation by being well managed and sweet natured.
No doubt, students can play an important role in nation building. being citizens of the nation, they should make necessary efforts to help. Their whole hearted effort is expected for the progress and development of the nation. If students understand their duty to the nation, the nation will make first progress in every field. Students can make the nation technically and scientifically very developed. We hope the Indian students will help the country in being one of the most developed and most powerful countries of the world.

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