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Role of technology in development of India essay

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Role of technology in development of India essay

Once a new technology rolls over you if you are not part of the steamrollers, you’re part of the road.– Stewart Brand

Over the last few years, we have seen a very encouraging growth in the field of science, technology and innovation leading to rebuilding the tech-savvy India. India is the second most connected nation in terms of internet usage. This itself shows the increasing use of technology in everyone’s life.
From nanotechnology to atomic Energy, electronics to agriculture, defence to transport it is impossible to visualize life without technology.
Let us throw light on a few of the specific areas. To start with this pandemic has no doubt highlighted the development in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. India holds the global market of (20-22%) generic medicines. This could not have been possible without advances in technology. Robotic surgeries are a great boon in the medical field which is only strengthening its success rate with each passing day.
The agriculture department has now done away with most of the traditional farming techniques and moved towards the advanced use of fertilizers and pesticides for better yields; the latest addition being the use of the drone for spraying chemicals which earlier done manually were hazardous to health.

Technology infused digital learning is hidden from none. It empowers each student by giving them the ownership to learn in their own way. There is excess to any topic one desires to explore.
When we talk about technology that leads to development we can’t ignore communication. It has been a great boon to both small and large business houses that have their reach worldwide. People are able to advertise their product from the remotest corner because of the availability of the internet and smartphones. This individual development collectively contributes to strengthening the economy.
In the defence sector, India has taken a huge leap by making different missiles, guns, ammunition, tanks, and much more. The Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon (SAAW) expected to be ready in two years promises a precision strike to the enemy airfield assets. Till now India had been importing weapons from different countries but with the help of technological developments, India plans to self-satisfy itself to a great extent, thereby restricting the outflow of funds.
With the increasing use and availability of electrical products like computers, mobile phones, laptops and tablets it was an easy revolution for the banking sector. From internet banking to digital wallets there is something for everyone. This had been a great help during the pandemic, especially for elderly people who were at great risk. The Government of India has a fixed set of the body The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India to provide transparency and safety to the users. Telecommunication being the major link between the buyer and the seller plays a significant role in developing any nation.
The success of the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) made India the only country in the world to reach Mars in its very first attempt. ISRO holds the record of successfully launching 104 satellites in a single rocket. There are several achievements to highlight the role of technology in space science. From importing major parts from different countries to making in India, we have surely come a long way.

Technology adds significant value at every stage of development starting from planning to execution, thereby increasing productivity. India has come a long way in channelizing its resources effectively. From smart cities to the Prime Minister attending the G20 summit virtually, online schools to online shopping, e-Seva to gas bookings, and many more. It is impossible to reach these milestones without technology.
There can be no conclusion to the role of technology in the development of India as this is an ongoing process and there is no end to it. Every technology is expected to upgrade in the coming years and what we are using today will be outdated. So it is very important to keep pace with technology and use it in the best possible way to build a stronger India.

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